Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the pain...

Saturday I ran 18 miles. Yes indeed. It was almost horrible. After my triathlon, I got this weird pain in the top of my foot and I can't run normal on it. If I change to about a mid-foot/toe strike, there is no pain but it does not feel normal at all. In addition, I was starving and after having a janky stride and a couple phone calls that I needed to walk for, I was out there for well over 3 hours. not awesome.

Anyway, I showered and threw on my awesome compression socks to head to my son's flag football game. I think Dave was embarrassed that I would wear them out on the field in front of the other moms, so I chilled in the van with my reading material for the day.

It's tuesday and I'm still sore like I ran last night! what the..? I obviously was not prepared for that run.

But my foot still hurts so I decided to take this whole week off from running(bike instead) until Saturday for my 20 miler. Would it be smart to bike for 3 hours instead of doing the 20 mile run? do I need the time on my feet? Thoughts?

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