Friday, October 19, 2012

so many choices, so little time

Since I successfully completed 15 miles last week,

I am very excited and hopeful for my one and only 20 miler tomorrow. And because everyone always says that you don't try anything new on race day, I am thinking about my race outfit because I am going to wear it to see if anything chafes.

Here are my options:


pros - I love those shorts, super comfy. the top is tight enough to where I wouldn't need a sports bra. (sometimes it's super convenient to be a negative A bra size. not most of the time, but in running it is)
cons - if I sweat a lot, it can look like i peed my pants. do the socks clash?

option #2

pros - the top is new, therefore I love it. I also would not need a sports bra here. there is a zipper pocket in the back for Gu.
cons - panty line from the shorts? they are pretty short, so i could have inner thigh rubbing.

option #3

pros - tried and true top, never chafes, super comfy. I love those shorts, also super comfy.
cons - worn for a race before, boring.

But you know what I absolutely WILL be wearing? 

My new favorite love. I'm obsessed with the lime green.

I'm gonna eat those 20 miles for breakfast. literally.

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