Sunday, October 14, 2012

Crappy long run is good news!

There are many who are discouraged by a bad run, particularly a bad long run. It seems as though it would be a foreshadowing of the race to come. However, I have a different view of it. In my (short) experience of running, a really bad run means that you are owed a good one very soon. So my not awesome run today? I was very excited about it!

It was not awesome because I was terrified of my feet. the first 3 miles I was concentrating so hard on going slow, taking it easy, and thinking every 2 seconds, "does that hurt?" "is that my ankle?" "wait, does my other foot hurt?" Longest 3 miles of my life.

But it felt okay so I headed out for another 4 miles. Slow. side cramps. muscles starting to tire.

And then I headed out for the last loop. Ran out of water. Thirsty. muscles are REALLY hurting now. It so happens that biking is not the same as running. who knew? To stay in running shape you need to run! There was much walking.

But I was able to do it!!!! I was actually able to shuffle run for 15 miles after 2 weeks of biking. And since it was pretty hard and not necessarily fun, I know that I have a great run coming up soon. Because that's the way it goes. You have a bad run, and then a good one. A bad one. a good one.

Take a look at my long runs the last month or so.

September 1 - 15 miles, 11:11 pace. horrible.
September 8 - 17 miles, 10:14 pace. great run
September 14 - 13 miles, 9:46 pace. awesome
September 22 - triathlon, awesome
September 29 - 18 miles, 10:43 pace. meh.
October 6 - planned 20 miles, ran 9, 9:37 pace. awesome
October 13 - 15 miles, 10:43 pace. crappy

See what I mean? I almost NEVER have 2 crappy long runs in a row. The running Gods basically have to let you have a really great run after a bad one to keep you going. Therefore, my 20 miler this saturday is bound to be amazing.

I can't wait!

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Amy said...

11:11 pace is horrible?!? Oh man, I can't even believe that. I would kill for that at my 5k this saturday, my goal is to break 40 minutes. I suck, just remember us peons who can't run while you're running. Then you always know you're better than someone! lol