Monday, October 22, 2012

20 miles? Heck yeah.

I went with option #2 for my outfit of choice on saturday.

And I didn't chafe anywhere, no thigh rub, everything was very comfy! I think this is a go for race day.

So how did my first and only 20 mile run go on saturday?

Heading out the door at 5:30am

And using my doctor friend's taping suggestions for extensor tendonitis, I taped my foot like so...

To see if it would hold up for 20 freaking miles.

I headed outside and turned on a Jillian Michael's podcast, turned on the garmin, and slowly tested out the waters.

miles 1-5: 11:12, 10:28, 10:24, 10:39, 9:56

Podcast is finished and switch to music, foot is feeling pretty good and I'm settling into a comfortable pace. Like, my heart rate is the lowest it's been my entire life of running! I'm not racing today, I just want my feet to hang in there and finish the beast of a task before me.

Miles 6-10: 9:58, 10:00, 10:03, 9:56, 10:02

stop at the house for a bathroom break, drop off my head lamp and grab sunglasses and refill my water bottles.

Miles 11-14: 10:06, 10:10, 10:13, 10:27

Here is where several things happened. First, I met my buddy which led to my first walk break...

This huge poodle was all up on me sniffing my butt, licking my hands, etc. When I stopped to walk for a few minutes so he would stop following me, I noticed that my foot hurt when I walked but not when I ran. Also, at mile 14, some pain started seeping into my quads. with 6 miles to go, I was not thrilled.

Mile 15 - 10:31
Mile 16 - 10:43

By now the quad pain is in full force and my left foot is starting to ache a little. 4 miles to go and I'm SO tempted to walk knowing that my right foot will hurt if I walk and I won't want to start running again.

I needed a plan. I would stop thinking about my legs. Everything below the waist doesn't exist. My quads were not mine. My feet were not mine. I don't even run with my legs. I run with my ARMS! My arms didn't hurt at all and I made the choice to pump my arms and use that for momentum and just let everything else follow.

Mile 17 - 10:34
Mile 18 - 10:22

It was working!! My arms were saving me!

Mile 19 - 9:55

With 1/2 mile left I passed the elementary school where my 2 older kids attend and there was a group of folks lining up for a local 5K. I wished them well but was SO glad that I would not be racing in it! haha!

Mile 20 - 9:41

Average pace of 10:15
Average heart rate of 168 (it's usually 176-178)
Calories burned - 1959
Elevation gain - 54 ft. (told you it was flat!)

If I can hold that pace for another 6 miles, I would finish in 4:28. That would beat my original goal of wanting to be under 4:30! And 2 weeks ago I couldn't walk on my left foot at all, thinking that I would not be able to participate in the race. woohoo!!!!!

20 miles. 
done and done.
taper is on.


Amy said...

holy wow you are seriously amazing! I channeled my inner Christine on my 5k saturday so I could get by with running the entire way. I pumped my arms! lol. Seriously though I suck because I did a 5k in 35 minutes lol.

A Mormon Mommy said...

That is so amazing! I have a sore heal and i am trying to slowly get back into running after hurting my claves pretty bad!