Thursday, September 20, 2012

three things thursday

1. I'm starting to panic about every little thing that happens.

I dropped my baby's heavy plastic toy on my foot. it is now bruised. It will now probably hurt for my whole race. DANG IT!

My 3 year old has a cold. he has a runny nose and is hacking everywhere. My throat is now scratchy. DANG IT! (I am planning on sleeping 9 hours a night, taking naps, lots of fluids, lots of chicken soup and hope I can beat it back without getting the whole shebang.)

2. I got my participant email that lets me know which wave I am in for the start. I thought it was a mass start so I am relieved that it will be broken up.

I'm hoping that is an early wave and that there are like, 8 waves or something. If there are only 4, I'll feel dumb. And frustrated that I'll probably have to swim around the wave in front of me since I am a good swimmer.

3. I go outside to clean and lube up my chain on my bike - holy mother was that thing dirty - and try to adjust my seat (no go there). And WHAT did I learn? my back brake has been rubbing on the tire!!!! What in the..?!  Took care of that, so there is now no rubbing and my chain is squeaky clean. Fingers crossed I don't get a flat in the race!

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