Friday, September 21, 2012

This is it

So here is my obligatory "goal" post where I talk about my goals for one of my "A" races this year. The Outer Banks Olympic Triathlon.

I've never done an olympic distance before so, automatic PR! love that.

If I have a magical day and everything goes perfectly and it's not likely but not impossible goal:

swim 1500 meters: 30 minutes
bike 25 miles: 1 hour 23 minutes
run 6.2 miles: 58:55

add in transition times of about 4 minutes give me a finishing time of 2:55:58.

Here is my most likely goal if all goes well but it isn't a magical day.

swim: 32 minutes
bike: 1:25
run: 59:56

add in transitions, finish time of 3:02.
Not as awesome, but still respectable.

This is my not feeling it, I'll be disappointed situation.

swim: get kicked in the face, lose my goggles, attacked by a shark, 35 or more minutes.
bike: wind sucks my energy, crash, get a flat, 1:33
run: too hot, too humid, leg cramp, potty break, 1:02

finish time of 3:12

That's actually a pretty big swing! a 16 minute difference between a great day and a disappointing finish.

I have no idea what to expect since I've never done a mass start in open water before. and all my open water swims were not in the ocean. There could be some massive swells and it could take me forever to do the swim! Also, I seem to underestimate myself frequently. Like i don't think I'm as good of a swimmer as I am. I always think everyone else is going to be a better cyclist/runner than me. But I am extremely competitive and I WANT to win!

I'm going to try to focus on the moment and do the best I can at that particular time. I don't want any regrets. Even if I finish with that 3:12 time but know that there was NO way I was going to finish faster because I gave it all I had, then I will not be disappointed. (unless I get 4th place and just miss a medal!) ;)

here we go...


Amy said...

did you notice that your magical day time and your real time are exactly the same? Or am I reading wrong. You are awesome!

Christine Ashby said...

you are correct - they are exactly the same!!! random, right?? I was slower in the run and swim than I was thinking but killed the bike! super happy with my time.