Saturday, September 29, 2012

September check up...

2012 Goals review!
  • Run a 5K under 27:30 (8:50 pace) 27:21 June 23, Ignite 5K
  • Have a baby. (hahaha) He's almost 9 months old and makes me laugh constantly.
  • Get down to my "happy weight"at 122 pounds.Weighing in at 122 consistantly (121.6 this morning). Wanting to lose another 2 for a solid racing weight.
  • Biking speed averaging 18 mph. Destroyed at the tri. 18.8mph for 25 mile ride. Only faster from here!
  • Do an olympic distance triathlon. no time goal although I would LIKE to break 3 hours2:55, placed in age group - goal crushed.
  • Complete my marathon in under 4:30. I don't know about this one. my run today was less than spectacular, but who knows what race day will bring.
  • Find another 10K and break 58 minutes. hhmmmm. 
  • Run 800 700 miles for the year.  Ran 111.14 miles in September. Holy macaroni, that beats my all time high by like, 25 miles!! 584 miles total for 2012. With 3 months left I think I'll easily hit my 700 mile goal and possibly my original 800 mile goal!
With the pain in my foot, if it is still nagging me after the marathon, I think I might take a month off running completely and just bike. Don't misunderstand, I'll bike a LOT but no running to let things heal.

This may take the 10K off the list until next year.

But I found a 1/2 marathon at the end of february that I want to try to break 2 hours. I'd love to work on some speed and see what I can do. A marathon is a really long race. In case you didn't know.

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