Monday, September 10, 2012

oh my love, where are you?

So I've been going without my long time running lover - my Garmin. I got it for christmas in 2010 and it's my FAVORITE running accessory. I am a numbers geek and I am constantly checking pace per mile, how many miles ( to the .10. because it MATTERS). what my heart rate is, how many calories I burned, using my virtual pace parter, using the advanced interval workout settings, etc.  So when it died last week, I was all, "How in the world am I supposed to run without it?? this is worse than my iPod breaking!"

Enter: mapmyrun app on my iphone.  Pretty cool, but I actually have to HOLD something in my hand. lame. and it doesn't give me my mile splits. or my heart rate. or do intervals for me. doing intervals with no garmin is really hard to do with no high school track within 20 minutes of my house.

Garmin is sending me a replacement when I send in my broken one for fairly cheap, so I've been waiting for over a week for my new one.

I've been stalking the tracking numbers online until it gets to my house and I CAN'T WAIT for my replacement!

why is it taking soooooo long??? I wanted it like, 4 days ago. can't wait. can't wait. can't wait.


I am thinking that I am a believer in compression socks.

I wore mine for about 3 hours or so after my 17 mile run and my calves were surprisingly not sore the next day. my thighs? that's a different story. Maybe I need compression shorts as well?


Recent observation?
tri-berry Gu is totally gross. choking it down disgusting.
Mandarin orange is pretty tasty, though.

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A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

You could try endomodo. I also got an armband phone holder for ten bucks at Walmart.