Friday, September 28, 2012

If I can't run, then I can bike!

I've taken 2 full days off running while icing like a mother, stretching, and praying that my foot will not feel pain during my long run tomorrow. It doesn't hurt right now, but you never know. I've been biking instead which doesn't hurt at all.

do I have those runner's legs yet??

During my training rides on the trainer, I've taken to reading instead of watching stuff on netflix. This is my current obsession. Call me a teenager, but I didn't realize that these were more murder mystery type things instead of what the title sounds like.

My classy set up. Busting out an hour during nap time.

Unfortunately, I can kill half of that book in an hour. I need a new series, suggestions?

My view out the garage. And of course since I waited until 1pm, I sweated gallons.

tomorrow: 18 miles. say a prayer that my foot feels great, won't you? 


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A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Read or I actually recommend listening to the Eragon (Inheritance) Series. LONG and good, though kind of bloody.
The last book on CD was 24 discs. Takes a while. :)