Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a whole lot of precious time

It's that time.

You know, when you only have 2 1/2 days left before an "A" race and what page is constantly up on your computer so you can check it 3 times an hour?

I would have preferred a high of 70, but it very well could have been a high of 90, so I'll take it!

That's right, it's the weather forecast. I'm tapering so I have all this energy. I've been sleeping my full 8 hours every night, my workouts have only been 20-30 minutes all week, what else am I going to do but obsess over what the weather will do to my performance on saturday?

As I live near the coast and the race will BE on the coast, I was worried about wind. The wind can absolutely suck the energy from the bike part and I did not want it. 6 mph?? I'll take it!!

Oh the flip side? 84% is pretty stinking humid. hopefully it'll drop significantly by the time I hit the run part. we'll see...

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