Saturday, September 29, 2012

September check up...

2012 Goals review!
  • Run a 5K under 27:30 (8:50 pace) 27:21 June 23, Ignite 5K
  • Have a baby. (hahaha) He's almost 9 months old and makes me laugh constantly.
  • Get down to my "happy weight"at 122 pounds.Weighing in at 122 consistantly (121.6 this morning). Wanting to lose another 2 for a solid racing weight.
  • Biking speed averaging 18 mph. Destroyed at the tri. 18.8mph for 25 mile ride. Only faster from here!
  • Do an olympic distance triathlon. no time goal although I would LIKE to break 3 hours2:55, placed in age group - goal crushed.
  • Complete my marathon in under 4:30. I don't know about this one. my run today was less than spectacular, but who knows what race day will bring.
  • Find another 10K and break 58 minutes. hhmmmm. 
  • Run 800 700 miles for the year.  Ran 111.14 miles in September. Holy macaroni, that beats my all time high by like, 25 miles!! 584 miles total for 2012. With 3 months left I think I'll easily hit my 700 mile goal and possibly my original 800 mile goal!
With the pain in my foot, if it is still nagging me after the marathon, I think I might take a month off running completely and just bike. Don't misunderstand, I'll bike a LOT but no running to let things heal.

This may take the 10K off the list until next year.

But I found a 1/2 marathon at the end of february that I want to try to break 2 hours. I'd love to work on some speed and see what I can do. A marathon is a really long race. In case you didn't know.

Friday, September 28, 2012

If I can't run, then I can bike!

I've taken 2 full days off running while icing like a mother, stretching, and praying that my foot will not feel pain during my long run tomorrow. It doesn't hurt right now, but you never know. I've been biking instead which doesn't hurt at all.

do I have those runner's legs yet??

During my training rides on the trainer, I've taken to reading instead of watching stuff on netflix. This is my current obsession. Call me a teenager, but I didn't realize that these were more murder mystery type things instead of what the title sounds like.

My classy set up. Busting out an hour during nap time.

Unfortunately, I can kill half of that book in an hour. I need a new series, suggestions?

My view out the garage. And of course since I waited until 1pm, I sweated gallons.

tomorrow: 18 miles. say a prayer that my foot feels great, won't you? 


Thursday, September 27, 2012

3 things thursday

1. I hurt my foot. It just randomly started hurting monday during a shake out run. According to my research it is tendonitis on the top of my foot. Although, I'm hoping that it's one of those freak pains that feel better after a couple days off. I'm icing like 7 times a day, stretching, and biking. This is the WRONG time to get an injury. I've got an 18 miler scheduled for saturday!!!

2. I've had a cold for the past week and when I sleep at night it's like I've been drugged or something. I am DOWN for the count and easily sleeping 9 1/2 hours a night and wanting naps during the day. Today the coughing has lessened so I'm thinking I'm on the mend. yay!

3. I am seriously addicted to sweets. I would like to say that I'm going to cut them out but then I would be lying. Brownies. cookies. candy. ice cream. It's all delicious and I want it all! I should probably be ashamed but I'm NOT.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Race Photos!!!

It's so weird, most race photos don't depict at ALL what really happened or how you think you look.

For example, I spent probably 1 hour and 15 minutes of the 1 hour and 18 minutes I was on the bike in aero position. And the 10 pictures they got of me on the bike? not ONE was of me in my aerobars.

yes, my helmet is crooked. I'm cool like that.

This one is actually pretty good. Not sure what that lump is on the back of my arm, though.

Why do I ALWAYS look like a tool when I'm running?? It's so unfortunate.

This was about 1/2 mile to the finish line and I was seriously about to pee my pants at any given moment and hoping that the 32 year old girl behind me didn't pass me again.

about to head into the water and I'm not sure what I was looking at. other people's feet? was I praying? Not wanting to look at the water??
I told Dave this morning as we looked at these pictures that when I do the full 140.6 one day, I WILL buy the race pictures.

And he looked at me and said, "are you serious?? You want to do a full ironman? That. is. crazy. I will NOT be out there for 15 hours!"

I told him that he could take the 7 hours or so I will be biking and go hang out somewhere. Also that it wouldn't be for a couple more years. I'll convince him it's a good idea. look into my eyes.....

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Outer Banks Triathlon

I'm sorry for the longest post in the history of the world

Pre Race -

I drop off my 3 year old at a friend's house to spend the night and I take the other 3 to go meet daddy at work! We get him at about 3:40pm and head to packet pickup. It was relatively quick and painless (that's what she said) and they had some gear for sale, some Gu's, running shoes, etc.

 we get to our hotel (its about 2 hours from our house) and eat some dinner. We head out to the beach and take a nice walk as the sun sets. it was totally awesome. There were lots of baby crabs everywhere and the kids were freaking out. Oh I was laughing so hard!

We get back to the hotel to put the kids to bed (about 8pm) and I take a hot shower to relax. I make sure my oatmeal and stuff is out and my alarm is set and I'm laying down at about 8:47 for bed. And then it's 9:30. and 10:30. and I'm not sleeping. and then my 8 month old starts screaming. So I feed him a bottle and try to lay him back down and he screams some more. Fortunately, Dave cuddled him on his chest and he fell asleep that way. I fell asleep for about 1 1/2 hours and when Dave tried to lay Ryan back in his pack-n-play, he woke up and started screaming again. We tried cuddling him, and laying him down with Hailey and Andrew in the other bed in the room. Well, Dave tried that. I told him he couldn't put a crawling baby in a real bed. They played for a while and then of COURSE the baby tried to crawl off the bed. So I got him and fed him a bottle and sang him a song and he FINALLY fell asleep at 3am.

My alarm went off at 5.

About 4 hours of sleep behind me, I got up and my stomach was churning. Not good. I was pretty sure I was going to throw up. I felt like Robert Barone chugging pepto. (true story) I force-fed myself 2 packets of instant cinnamon and spice oatmeal, we packed up, and headed to the race site.

I got my transition site all set up the way I wanted and headed out to watch the Half distance start at 7am.

The Swim

They had us enter the water about 5 minutes before we started at 7:45am and there are 3 thoughts in my mind. First, the swim had become wetsuit legal about 3 days before the race and I was one of very few who were not wearing one. mistake??  Second, the water was significantly choppier than the night before when it was like glass. hmmm. Third, those buoys look REALLY far away. Like, intimidatingly far.

I'm in the black and pink in the middle.

3, 2, 1, gooooo!!!!

It was chaos. utter and complete chaos. I was getting groped left and right, people swimming over me, under me, through me, etc. I got smacked in the face, head, back, leg, and I swear that one girl tried to rip my timing chip off. Also, it was choppy. Every time I tried to breath, I got a face full of sea water and started coughing. AND, the swells were starting to make me seasick.

about 150 yards in, i'm thinking that this is SO stupid. WHY in the world do people do this?? I am a really strong swimmer and I am fighting panic. at 500 meters I turned at the first buoy and started getting this under control. I got used to the waves and the crowd had thinned quite a bit. I started counting every 10 strokes I would sight to make sure I was going the right way. turn at the 2nd buoy and back to the beach!

31 minutes.

T1 - 2:31
it was almost a 300 yard run to transition and I plopped myself on the ground to put on my shoes, sunglasses, helmet, and take off! I was breathing pretty heavy from the swim but I was glad I didn't have to yank off a wetsuit.

The Bike

It was windy but the first 3-ish miles were very heavy with trees so I was cruising at like, 19 mph and it felt easy. For me?? that never happens. Then I hit the 3 mile long bridge across the sound. WINDY. and there is a hill in the middle. This was a little bit of a struggle but I tried to keep it strong. finished the bridge and turned north for a section of neighborhood. This. was. awesome. I feel like I am not even trying and I'm biking at 19-19.5 mph. !!!!!  I hit the halfway mark with an average of 18.1.
But this time?? the wind is at my back on the bridge! I ran out of gears because I was going so fast. It was SO much fun. I didn't want the bike to end, I had an absolute blast out there.

1:18 (18.8 mph - I destroyed my goal here)

I was so fast that Dave missed me and didn't get pics.

T2 - 1:00
Very fast, just changed my shoes and turned on my garmin and started hobbling to the run start. A girl crashed right behind me and an ambulance took her away. :(

The Run

There are just no words to describe what it's like to run after biking. I am not an awesome runner anyway but I can hold a 9:15 minute mile for 6 miles. Not in a triathlon. After the first mile, my legs loosened up but my breathing I could not calm down. I do have a cold right now with a bad cough so it almost felt like I couldn't breath in all the way. I had to pee SOOOO bad but I knew that it was possible that I could place at this race (according to last year's times) so I didn't want to waste time by stopping. BUT, every time I coughed, some pee leaked out. classy. Plus, I was STARVING. my tummy was all growly but taking a Gu sounded like the worst idea ever. I tried to up the pace a little since my legs felt fine but my breathing just would not take it.

Every time a girl passed me I checked out her age group on her calf (come one, you know you do it too!). I saw 3 girls in my age group pass me so I knew that I would be out of the running for a medal. Until the one girl just in front of me walked the water stations. She would walk a little and I would catch up but then she would pass me again. over and over. at the mile 6 aid station, she walked AGAIN (with .2 miles to go) and I passed her determined to not let her get by me before the finish. And it's a darn good thing too since I got third in my age group with her a mere 30 seconds behind me!

1:02 (10 minute/mile)

Finish time of 2:55:58
3rd in 30-34 female AG
23rd/100 women overall

just went to the bathroom and SO relieved!!!

me with my FIRST age group placing award!!!! woohoo!

It's easy to look back on the day and say things like, "If only I didn't have that cold" or "If I'd just gotten more sleep" or "If I'd just pushed a little harder here". But you know what? I did awesome. I could not have done ANY better than what I did. I gave it everything I had in the moment and I am darn proud of myself.

my cheering section. 2 ladies from church and my family!

going up to get my award since they called my name! THIRD PLACE!!!

Love my family. Their support means the world to me.

Final thoughts

 I surprised myself on the bike and had the time of my life.
I had a lot of fun.
I'm proud of myself.
I will not be doing another triathlon (maybe a sprint) until Dave is out of school (dec. 2013), then I might try to tackle the 70.3?
I see some duathlons in my future and more practice in running. I have GOT to get better at running.
Not as sore as I thought I would be. My half marathon was worse than this.
I REALLY want a tri bike.

Friday, September 21, 2012

This is it

So here is my obligatory "goal" post where I talk about my goals for one of my "A" races this year. The Outer Banks Olympic Triathlon.

I've never done an olympic distance before so, automatic PR! love that.

If I have a magical day and everything goes perfectly and it's not likely but not impossible goal:

swim 1500 meters: 30 minutes
bike 25 miles: 1 hour 23 minutes
run 6.2 miles: 58:55

add in transition times of about 4 minutes give me a finishing time of 2:55:58.

Here is my most likely goal if all goes well but it isn't a magical day.

swim: 32 minutes
bike: 1:25
run: 59:56

add in transitions, finish time of 3:02.
Not as awesome, but still respectable.

This is my not feeling it, I'll be disappointed situation.

swim: get kicked in the face, lose my goggles, attacked by a shark, 35 or more minutes.
bike: wind sucks my energy, crash, get a flat, 1:33
run: too hot, too humid, leg cramp, potty break, 1:02

finish time of 3:12

That's actually a pretty big swing! a 16 minute difference between a great day and a disappointing finish.

I have no idea what to expect since I've never done a mass start in open water before. and all my open water swims were not in the ocean. There could be some massive swells and it could take me forever to do the swim! Also, I seem to underestimate myself frequently. Like i don't think I'm as good of a swimmer as I am. I always think everyone else is going to be a better cyclist/runner than me. But I am extremely competitive and I WANT to win!

I'm going to try to focus on the moment and do the best I can at that particular time. I don't want any regrets. Even if I finish with that 3:12 time but know that there was NO way I was going to finish faster because I gave it all I had, then I will not be disappointed. (unless I get 4th place and just miss a medal!) ;)

here we go...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

three things thursday

1. I'm starting to panic about every little thing that happens.

I dropped my baby's heavy plastic toy on my foot. it is now bruised. It will now probably hurt for my whole race. DANG IT!

My 3 year old has a cold. he has a runny nose and is hacking everywhere. My throat is now scratchy. DANG IT! (I am planning on sleeping 9 hours a night, taking naps, lots of fluids, lots of chicken soup and hope I can beat it back without getting the whole shebang.)

2. I got my participant email that lets me know which wave I am in for the start. I thought it was a mass start so I am relieved that it will be broken up.

I'm hoping that is an early wave and that there are like, 8 waves or something. If there are only 4, I'll feel dumb. And frustrated that I'll probably have to swim around the wave in front of me since I am a good swimmer.

3. I go outside to clean and lube up my chain on my bike - holy mother was that thing dirty - and try to adjust my seat (no go there). And WHAT did I learn? my back brake has been rubbing on the tire!!!! What in the..?!  Took care of that, so there is now no rubbing and my chain is squeaky clean. Fingers crossed I don't get a flat in the race!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a whole lot of precious time

It's that time.

You know, when you only have 2 1/2 days left before an "A" race and what page is constantly up on your computer so you can check it 3 times an hour?

I would have preferred a high of 70, but it very well could have been a high of 90, so I'll take it!

That's right, it's the weather forecast. I'm tapering so I have all this energy. I've been sleeping my full 8 hours every night, my workouts have only been 20-30 minutes all week, what else am I going to do but obsess over what the weather will do to my performance on saturday?

As I live near the coast and the race will BE on the coast, I was worried about wind. The wind can absolutely suck the energy from the bike part and I did not want it. 6 mph?? I'll take it!!

Oh the flip side? 84% is pretty stinking humid. hopefully it'll drop significantly by the time I hit the run part. we'll see...

Friday, September 14, 2012

oops, a half marathon?

I have done 1 half marathon before. It was in November 2010 and I finished in 2:11. It was a touch slower than i wanted but prior to the training I had only ever run 3 miles at a time. It hurt SO bad. those last 3 miles were complete agony and I tried to speed my pace up at the end, but I was working harder and not going any faster. For 3 or 4 days after that race I felt like I had been hit by a truck.

In may 2011 I found out I was pregnant (surprise!) and put on bed rest and exercise restrictions almost the whole pregnancy. Then I had the baby, moved across the country and at the end of February of 2012, I was starting to run again (painfully) with short 2 mile runs with lots of walking breaks. It was almost like starting from scratch again.

I have been faithful with my marathon training. The speed work (kill me), the tempo runs (kill me more), and the long runs. and the cross training. And my long run this week was an easy 13 miles since last week was a longer 17.

I finished in 2:08 for 13.1 miles exactly. I "accidentally" did a half marathon and 3 minutes faster than my race 2 years ago. For which I rested for. And had race energy. and caffeine.

I'm a little excited that I'm getting faster and that a half marathon doesn't feel like death.

So does this mean that if I can run for 2-3 hours, that my 3 hour triathlon next week will be okay? I would DESPERATELY like to bike at 18 mph. and not die on the run. well, not dying on the swim would be good too. I could get bashed in the face by some flailing arms and inhale some serious ocean water.

anyways, I'm super proud of this morning. I did awesome.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Everything's better with chocolate

So instead of riding the trainer all the time, I decided to bust out the bike trailer and add Some extra weight and resistance to my biking. What a difference!!!! It's like biking with a parachute attached to the back. My triathlon is in 9 days, so only a couple more longer bike rides left!

I'm pretty excited about my snack this morning: apples, pretzels, peanut butter, and chocolate chips!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 things you wish you didn't know about me

Since Beth over at SUAR tagged everyone, I got tagged! I feel so popular!

Here are my (boring) answers to the tagging questions.

Best run ever?

This is a toss up between my 17 mile run last saturday, which I didn't think I could do but my legs felt pretty good. OR my run yesterday where I ran 4.5 miles at my 5K pace. the 5K I did at that pace? I wanted to die. like, DIE. but yesterday I didn't want to die. it was amazing!

Three words that describe your running?

hard. sweaty. gross.

Your go-to running outfit? 

tank and baggy running shorts. My favorite 2 pairs of shorts are under armor and brooks. My favorite tanks are this white one I got at target, and a hot pink adidas one from Ross.

Quirky habit while running?

singing along with my favorite song.

Morning, midday, evening?

morning. do people actually run other times of the day? how?

I won’t run outside when it’s ____________

over 90 degrees. which happens quite frequently here. that may be part of the reason I only run in the morning, it's the coolest time of day.

Worst injury—and how you got over it.

piriformis syndrome. I got pregnant and put on bed rest which healed it for me!!  After hearing about other things like stress fractures and feet issues and shin splints, I feel really lucky that I really haven't had that much wrong with me.

I felt most like a bad@ss mother runner when _________ 

Someone asks how far I ran today and I get to say something like, "10 miles" or "15 miles" and I get to watch their eyes get all big. It's so cool!

Next race is __________

Outer Banks Olympic Triathlon - Sept. 22

Potential running goal for 2013?

I think I am going to do 1 or 2 half marathons ( I would LOVE to break 2 hours), and I have my eye on this 50 mile triathlon. it's a 1 mile swim, 44 mile bike, and 5 mile run. Mostly, I want to work on speed and maybe get down to an 8 minute mile pace for a 5K. that would be HUGE for me.

Okay, got to go to bed so I can get up at 5am to run 10 miles before dave leaves for work. I see caffeine as an inevitable in the morning. nighty night.

What's in a name?

Guess what came in the mail yesterday? GUESS!!!

(don't mind crazy hair. I'm not sure I washed it)

my replacement watch!!!! yippppppeeeeeeeeeeeee...

I wasted NO time charging it and setting it up with all of my personal data. I will be using it tomorrow on my mid-week 10 mile run. (never thought in my LIFE I would say stuff like that)

isn't it pretty? I feel like I should name it something. Bob? Fred? I am not good at naming stuff, it's incredible my kids don't have names like Baby or Squishy.

Anywhoo, yup, 10 miles tomorrow. on a wednesday. since it's supposed to be around 62 degrees (yay), I'm hoping for some better times on my longer runs. Report to come about how awesome my new watch is. Gambit?

Monday, September 10, 2012

is that...fall??

The heat has been beating me down. It is SO hard to motivate myself to go and run when it's 80 degrees at 6am and I can wring out my running shorts when I'm done with a short 3 miler.

This morning? oh, this glorious morning I was rejuvenated! a cold front moved in last night and today at 5:40am?? 59 degrees. PERFECTION.

4.54 miles at an 8:45 pace. That is my fastest/furthest combination ever. Not to mention I ran 17 miles 2 days ago and my quads felt fine!

Does the weather really make that big of a difference in running? I realize that my pace this morning might not be anything to brag about for some people, but for me? For me, it's completely rock star and I am DANG proud of myself.

If I can hold that pace for a 10K (I found one in december I want to do), then I will crush my PR time of 58 minutes. That would give me a time of 54 minutes. I think that's very respectable(for me) and I would be thrilled.

I am so awesome.

oh my love, where are you?

So I've been going without my long time running lover - my Garmin. I got it for christmas in 2010 and it's my FAVORITE running accessory. I am a numbers geek and I am constantly checking pace per mile, how many miles ( to the .10. because it MATTERS). what my heart rate is, how many calories I burned, using my virtual pace parter, using the advanced interval workout settings, etc.  So when it died last week, I was all, "How in the world am I supposed to run without it?? this is worse than my iPod breaking!"

Enter: mapmyrun app on my iphone.  Pretty cool, but I actually have to HOLD something in my hand. lame. and it doesn't give me my mile splits. or my heart rate. or do intervals for me. doing intervals with no garmin is really hard to do with no high school track within 20 minutes of my house.

Garmin is sending me a replacement when I send in my broken one for fairly cheap, so I've been waiting for over a week for my new one.

I've been stalking the tracking numbers online until it gets to my house and I CAN'T WAIT for my replacement!

why is it taking soooooo long??? I wanted it like, 4 days ago. can't wait. can't wait. can't wait.


I am thinking that I am a believer in compression socks.

I wore mine for about 3 hours or so after my 17 mile run and my calves were surprisingly not sore the next day. my thighs? that's a different story. Maybe I need compression shorts as well?


Recent observation?
tri-berry Gu is totally gross. choking it down disgusting.
Mandarin orange is pretty tasty, though.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I DID IT!!!!

17 miles in the bag.

I did a 5 mile loop, stopped at the house for another Gu and sunglasses and headed out for a 9 mile loop. I hit mile 10 or so and my legs were still feeling pretty good (surprisingly) and I was just waiting for the pain in my quads to hit.

mile 11...
mile 12...
mile 13...
mile 14...

back at the house and the pain still hadn't hit my thighs!!! what?!

refilled my camel bak and went out for my last 3 miles.

the pain started creeping in about mile 15.5 or so but I still had enough energy to kick the last .25 miles at an 8:35 pace! (which is basically sprinting for me)

When I look back to the past 3 years of running for me, I think of the day I ran 2 miles in a row for the first time ever and it was SO hard. But I did it. and then the time I ran 6 miles for the first time ever. I was SO proud of myself. back then I would have never thought I could do this.

the body can do amazing things!!! I am here to tell you that if I can do it - ANYONE can do it.

recovery week next week, yay!

Friday, September 7, 2012

I could've watched Harry Potter

It's the eve before my longest run ever. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't nervous.

17 miles is extremely intimidating.

At my ridiculously slow pace in this humidity and heat, we are looking at 3 solid hours of running. I could watch a REALLY long movie in that amount of time.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, my Garmin died. kaput. the battery is completely dead so I sent it in for a refurbished one. It's somewhere in Kentucky right now so I'll be using the mapmyrun app on my phone and hoping it doesn't die before I'm done running.

I did 15 miles last week and the last 3 miles were complete agony. My quads were completely flushed with lactic acid BEFORE I stopped running. oh so painful. I think I am going to attempt an ice bath tomorrow.

I hope I don't give up 10 miles in. see you on the flip side.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August recap

2012 Goals review!
  • Run a 5K under 27:30 (8:50 pace) 27:21 June 23, Ignite 5K
  • Have a baby. (hahaha) He's almost 8 months old and I LOVE him!!!
  • Get down to my "happy weight"at 122 pounds.Weighing in around 124-ish right now. need to get back on track for my races!!! the in-laws are leaving tomorrow so hopefully I'll not be tempted anymore.
  • Biking speed averaging 18 mph. 17.6 mph on a 20 mile ride. I'm getting there slowly, I just can't seem to find the time for more than 2 rides a week! sigh.
  • Do an olympic distance triathlon. no time goal although I would LIKE to break 3 hours. 2 1/2 weeks. feeling strong, hoping for good weather.
  • Complete my marathon in under 4:30. based on my horrible 15 mile run last week, I can see this totally not happening.
  • Find another 10K and break 58 minutes. hhmmmm.
  • Run 800 700 miles for the year.  Ran 85.43 miles in August. I think that's my best month ever! 473 miles total for 2012. I'm starting to get up to 15 and 17 miles for my long runs (scary!), so I'm expecting my mileage to stay higher for the next 3 months.

With this training plan (run less, run faster), each workout feels like death. the speed work day = death. the tempo day = death. the long run day = death.
It ALWAYS hurts.
and I'm ALWAYS mentally exhausted by the end of the week, like I have no motivation anymore.
but I'm always proud of myself for doing it and being faster than I think I can be.

Please tell me that it gets easier to train when your kids are older. or when your husband isn't in grad school. or when it isn't summer anymore. (seriously, why is it 77 degrees at 4am? WHY?)

Fall, where are you????