Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sweat your Thorns off Virtual 5K

Adam over at The Boring Runner (who is anything but boring), hosted the Sweat your thorns off 5K once again and I was able to partake this year since I wasn't on bed rest!

I did it as part of my 11 mile run this week and holy geez, I was sweaty. Like, after my shower, my wet running clothes stank up my entire bathroom and master bedroom - THAT'S how bad it is here in humidity central.

Here I am all finished at 8:30 am and completely disgusting.

The ice is two fold. To ice after a long run, and also to help cool me off!!
(I know my socks don't match, no need to mention it)

I wore both a 50 oz. camelbak (which was empty at the finish), and a nathan hydration belt (also empty at the finish). Did I mention that I still lost 1/2 pound during this run? No? Well, I did. That's a really gross amount of sweat.

And check out how dumb I am. I'm getting ready for my run in the dark (since my husband is sick and I didn't want to wake him up) and did my whole run and was stretching and cooling down and then Dave asks me if my shirt is on inside out.

Ummm...oops. Dumb blonde, isle 4!

Thanks again to Adam for forcing us to be hideously nasty in the dead of summer.

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