Saturday, August 11, 2012

My husband thinks I've lost it.

We wanted to go to the beach today. And we like to go early so that it isn't too crowded when we get there and we get a great spot. BUT, I have 13 miles on the schedule so I knew I would have to get up early. I ended up waking up at 4am thinking I might as well get up and head out.

  • I completed all 3 laps to equal 13 miles.
  • My legs felt surprisingly good.
  • Mentally I felt good.
  • All walk breaks were necessary - see below.
  • Scared to death that I was going to be attacked by a bear. It was dark outside.
  • stopped and listened when I SWEAR I heard snorting from a large animal warning me that I was too close. Then I sprinted away.
  • lost 2.5 pounds during the run. Need to work on nutrition and fluids. Didn't go to the bathroom for at least 4 hours after.
When I finished and came in the door, Dave asked me how far I went. I told him I was doing 13 miles and he gave me this look and said, "that is crazy."
I'm already getting judged about discipline to my training plan by my HUSBAND!!! 
I was like, "Dave, it's a m-a-r-a-t-h-o-n. TWENTY six miles. running 13 for a training run is only HALF the race." oh well, I'm going to have to get used to people thinking I'm crazy.

I'm pretty amazed that I did it. I feel pretty proud of myself today. That's a long way to run and I DID IT!

Note that my shorts are now a different color than the first picture. That's a lot of sweat.

And we made it to the beach. Thank heavens.

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Runners Fuel said...

Congrats on the 13!!