Sunday, August 12, 2012

How not to do a tempo run

1. Don't go with your husband (or my husband) because you will be killing it and feeling good and then his shins or something will hurt and he will want to walk for a while before you are ready to walk but you'll feel guilty so you walk.

2. Don't go at the end of the day while the sun is still up and it's 88 degrees with 100% humidity and a high dew point. There will be a lot of sweat.

3. Don't try to put the below gatorade in your fuel belt without trying it first. I wanted to puke. I ended up throwing it all in the grass and asking a neighbor for water.

4. Don't turn your alarm clock off in the morning or you'll be forced to hire a babysitter for the evening to watch your 4 kids to get your run in. Or get a treadmill.

5. Don't wear a really tight shirt for a 7 mile tempo run without trying it on a shorter run because you will chafe under your arms and you'll want to cry.

6. Don't eat a huge salad of raw veggies right before you head out. You'll regret it when you are burping up bell peppers.

7. Don't get a flying ant in your eye. But if you do, use your iphone camera as a mirror to dig it out. Make sure you get the wings.

8. Don't train for a fall marathon when you live in the south.

(not that I've EVER done any of the above items)

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A Mormon Mommy said...

Oh man! In the eye?! Sucks!
I am proud of myself when I can run 2.5 miles on my own without my running buddie to push me! Good job!