Saturday, August 18, 2012


So I bought a multi-flavor pack of Gu when it was on sale knowing that I would be training for a marathon and using them. I'm enjoying (sometimes)trying out the different flavors, seeing what sits well, etc.

My absolute favorite?

The mint chocolate. It's basically life-changing good. The only negative is that there isn't caffeine.  I could eat this flavor all day. I mean, tastes like minty chocolate frosting and NOT like a Gu. 

Buy it. Try it. Love it.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

How not to do a tempo run

1. Don't go with your husband (or my husband) because you will be killing it and feeling good and then his shins or something will hurt and he will want to walk for a while before you are ready to walk but you'll feel guilty so you walk.

2. Don't go at the end of the day while the sun is still up and it's 88 degrees with 100% humidity and a high dew point. There will be a lot of sweat.

3. Don't try to put the below gatorade in your fuel belt without trying it first. I wanted to puke. I ended up throwing it all in the grass and asking a neighbor for water.

4. Don't turn your alarm clock off in the morning or you'll be forced to hire a babysitter for the evening to watch your 4 kids to get your run in. Or get a treadmill.

5. Don't wear a really tight shirt for a 7 mile tempo run without trying it on a shorter run because you will chafe under your arms and you'll want to cry.

6. Don't eat a huge salad of raw veggies right before you head out. You'll regret it when you are burping up bell peppers.

7. Don't get a flying ant in your eye. But if you do, use your iphone camera as a mirror to dig it out. Make sure you get the wings.

8. Don't train for a fall marathon when you live in the south.

(not that I've EVER done any of the above items)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My husband thinks I've lost it.

We wanted to go to the beach today. And we like to go early so that it isn't too crowded when we get there and we get a great spot. BUT, I have 13 miles on the schedule so I knew I would have to get up early. I ended up waking up at 4am thinking I might as well get up and head out.

  • I completed all 3 laps to equal 13 miles.
  • My legs felt surprisingly good.
  • Mentally I felt good.
  • All walk breaks were necessary - see below.
  • Scared to death that I was going to be attacked by a bear. It was dark outside.
  • stopped and listened when I SWEAR I heard snorting from a large animal warning me that I was too close. Then I sprinted away.
  • lost 2.5 pounds during the run. Need to work on nutrition and fluids. Didn't go to the bathroom for at least 4 hours after.
When I finished and came in the door, Dave asked me how far I went. I told him I was doing 13 miles and he gave me this look and said, "that is crazy."
I'm already getting judged about discipline to my training plan by my HUSBAND!!! 
I was like, "Dave, it's a m-a-r-a-t-h-o-n. TWENTY six miles. running 13 for a training run is only HALF the race." oh well, I'm going to have to get used to people thinking I'm crazy.

I'm pretty amazed that I did it. I feel pretty proud of myself today. That's a long way to run and I DID IT!

Note that my shorts are now a different color than the first picture. That's a lot of sweat.

And we made it to the beach. Thank heavens.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My secret

How come no one ever talks about the important things in life? The secrets that make life easier?

Allow me to share my secret(that I learned yesterday) that I'm sure most of you already know about, but since no one talks about it, I'm an idiot and didn't discover it until I was 30 years old!

I took my 4 children (I know - fun, right?) to my 7 year old's doctor's appointment, which took 1 1/2 hours. To reward them for being good, I took them to the library after that. Why is a reward for them NOT a reward for me? Then, since we were in town (I live 20 minutes away from anything, including a grocery store), I went to walmart - kill me - for groceries and school supplies.  After that, the absolute last thing I wanted to do was unstrap a 7 year old, a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and a 7 month old out of the car AGAIN to go inside Walgreens to pick up Hailey's(the 7 year old) Rx. Enter the drive through pharmacy.

Why have I NEVER tried that out before??? It. was. awesome. When I go inside, it takes at least 30 minutes. always. I went through the drive through, I didn't have to unstrap any kids, and I was done in 5 minutes!!!

At my pharmacy, the drive through clients get priority in wait time over the suckers inside. From now on, I'm staying outside!

For those that didn't already know about it, you are welcome. For those that do, please share your golden nuggets of wisdom with me! My brain cells have been severely diminished from lack of sleep and lack of adult conversation.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sweat your Thorns off Virtual 5K

Adam over at The Boring Runner (who is anything but boring), hosted the Sweat your thorns off 5K once again and I was able to partake this year since I wasn't on bed rest!

I did it as part of my 11 mile run this week and holy geez, I was sweaty. Like, after my shower, my wet running clothes stank up my entire bathroom and master bedroom - THAT'S how bad it is here in humidity central.

Here I am all finished at 8:30 am and completely disgusting.

The ice is two fold. To ice after a long run, and also to help cool me off!!
(I know my socks don't match, no need to mention it)

I wore both a 50 oz. camelbak (which was empty at the finish), and a nathan hydration belt (also empty at the finish). Did I mention that I still lost 1/2 pound during this run? No? Well, I did. That's a really gross amount of sweat.

And check out how dumb I am. I'm getting ready for my run in the dark (since my husband is sick and I didn't want to wake him up) and did my whole run and was stretching and cooling down and then Dave asks me if my shirt is on inside out.

Ummm...oops. Dumb blonde, isle 4!

Thanks again to Adam for forcing us to be hideously nasty in the dead of summer.

How is it august already?

2012 Goals review!
  • Run a 5K under 27:30 (8:50 pace) 27:21 June 23, Ignite 5K
  • Have a baby. (hahaha) He's almost 7 months old and the cutest chubby baby in the world!
  • Get down to my "happy weight"at 122 pounds.Weighed in at 122.0 pounds on July 20. Went on vacation and am back up to 123.5. Trying to get down to 120 now.
  • Biking speed averaging 18 mph. 17.2 mph so far. I'm going to try out some aerobars soon to see if that helps.
  • Do an olympic distance triathlon. no time goal although I would LIKE to break 3 hours. registered and REALLY nervous! it's in 6 weeks!
  • Complete my marathon in under 4:30. My dad is still not running because of his injury, so I might be hitting this one up alone.
  • Find another 10K and break 58 minutes. hhmmmm.
  • Run 800 700 miles for the year.  Ran 62.71 miles in July. not so hot. 386.57 miles total for 2012. Marathon training is officially in full gear so my miles should be pretty consistent from now on.

I gotta tell you, with your husband in grad school and young kids, it's really hard to find the time to train for longer races. I think after this marathon, I'm going to have to dial it back to 1/2 marathons or less until Dave graduates with his master's.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Compression socks on the cheap

I've been on vacation for the last 2 weeks and while I got in a couple runs, a swim, and some elliptical action (so not as much fun as husband action - hee hee!) it was a completely LAME training time. especially when I was supposed to run 11 miles last saturday and 10 the week before that. well. I didn't.

SO, today I ran my 11 miles as my long run for the week. the only other time I've run that far is during my half marathon in 2010. It was NOT pretty. But I did it and that is the important part.

Anyway, I've been tinkering with the idea of getting some compression gear since my legs always ache the night after a longer/harder run. But it's super pricey (and I'm cheap), so I've been waiting for a sale.

Guess what?! THERE'S A SALE!!!

For the next 5 days (or so), you can go HERE to get $25 off Pro Compression socks and free shipping!

Lots of fun colors (there are more than the above), and all the cool people are doing it!

tell me what color you are getting so I can get the same and we can be cyber-twinsies!!