Sunday, July 1, 2012

1/2 way there

2012 Goals review!
  • Run a 5K under 27:30 (8:50 pace) 27:21 June 23, Ignite 5K
  • Have a baby. (hahaha) He's almost 6 months old and I'm so glad he snuck his way into our family.
  • Get down to my "happy weight"at 122 pounds.Weighed in at 124.2 on Saturday. I'm starting to plateau on the weight front, but my body is still changing, so I'm happy. 2.2 pounds to go!
  • Biking speed averaging 18 mph. 17 mph so far.
  • Do an olympic distance triathlon. no time goal although I would LIKE to break 3 hours. registered and nervous!
  • Complete my marathon in under 4:30. This one may need to change a little since I'm doing this marathon with my dad. He has hurt his calf or something so he's cross training and I'm hoping he heals fast.
  • Find another 10K and break 58 minutes.
  • Run 800 700 miles for the year.  Ran 72.46 miles in June. 323.86 miles total for 2012. I think one more week or so and I'll be ready to retire my shoes.
Is it just me or does 2012 seem to be flying by? I can't believe it's July already! I'm going to blink and school will be starting in the fall again.


A Mormon Mommy said...

Those are some awesome goals! Maybe if I set some goals for myself I will actually be able to achieve some of the things I want!

Amy said...

good for you! that is awesome. I am wishing I could figure out where I placed my motivation, it has left me. You look great in your comfy shorts! Great job on the 5k that is an awesome time!