Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ignite 5K

I didn't die!!!!

But it was close.

The Good: I was excited for this race and did specific speed work in preparation for it during the last month.

I had on okay night's sleep, got there in time, picked up my bib and chip and was ready to rock on the front line.

 Oh, can't see me??

My husband and 4 little kiddies were parked at the corner to cheer me on and when I saw them that first time I was overwhelmed by the love I feel for all of them. Watching them cheer for me and be so excited that their mommy is doing something like this brought tears to my eyes. Literally.

I tried to not let the sprinters at the beginning make me feel the need to power out of the gate, but I when I checked my watch at about .6 miles in I was running at 7:55!!! Rein it back in!!!!

Mile 1 @ 8:07 (my 1 mile PR is 7:50)

The Bad - It started 25 minutes late. (booooo) it was 80 degrees and 90% humidity. I was sweating BEFORE the gun went off. Knowing that mile 1 was that fast I just knew I would blow up at the end if I wasn't careful. My average heart rate for the entire race was 192. oh yeah, I was hurting.

(not so happy in the above picture, I was in serious pain)

I WALKED at the mile 2 water stop to get a good drink and dump water on my head/shoulders/back/front.  I was really having a hard time focusing and was starting to get dizzy. I started burping and wanted to throw up a little.

Mile 2 @ 8:47

The Unexpected - every 10 seconds during that third mile I was telling myself, "just walk a little" "NO, just run to that sign...that corner...that tree" "it doesn't hurt as bad as you think" "you are fine" "you're going to puke" "you can do this" "what were we thinking?!" "why do we keep doing this to ourselves?" etc. This was one of the biggest mind games I've ever dealt with. 

I felt my form going to crap and tried to slow down without walking, I felt like I was barely moving when mile 3 clicked at 9:18.

I really tried to kick it at the end but only mustered up an 8:45 pace for the last .13 (little long).

Total of 27:21 for 3.13 miles (8:44 pace). I MADE MY GOAL even with the heat!!!!!! Can you imagine what I can do in 20 degrees cooler weather?!

TMI - after I crossed the line and they took my chip, I tried to find somewhere to lay down since everything was spinning. Then I laid down and tried to breathe and felt my shorts get wet. That's right, I had no bodily control WHATSOEVER and peed in my shorts a little. What the...?! Is that because I've had 4 kids or because my muscles gave up? I poured a water bottle over my head and tummy so that everything was wet and no one could tell.

Oh, and the shirts aren't bad for such a little race.

Official Time -  27:21
Overall place - 32 out of 165
Age group place (30-39) - 3 out of 35 <-------AGE GROUP PLACEMENT!!!!

But only first place got the medals. :(

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A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Woohoo! Way to hit your goal! I saw some sexy runner legs in those photos. ;)