Tuesday, June 12, 2012

creepy critters

After seeing a bajillion jellyfish in the creek (can you call this a creek?), I got scared off and started swimming in my neighbor's pool with a pool belt. (pics to come later)

THEN, a tropical storm blew in, it rained a bunch, the tide changed and pulled all the jellyfish out to sea. And so I decided to swim with the fishies again.

(can you see him jumping? right in the middle of the screen. oh, and it's 5:50am)

True story.

This here is my neighbor swimmy buddy, Megan. She is 15. She is as fast as I used to be which is sad.(?) I was once a really good swimmer. I'm still better than most triathletes out there but I'm just not where I used to be.


It's SO much less scary doing open water when there is someone swimming with you. 
I'm hoping all these OWS (open water swims) are helping me for the triathlon in 3 months!

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