Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a group of ladies while we were at a small birthday party.

Allow me to set the scene.

There is ice cream and a cookie cake thingy and as I was eating my pieces I said something to the effect of, "well, I already had brownies earlier so I might as well eat more garbage since today is shot."

And then several people commented that they would love to look like me, wear my clothes, etc. (I was the smallest person there, but that doesn't always happen)  I did had 2 friends tell the other ladies that if they ran 6 miles a day, they could eat cookies and look like me too.

And that's when it happened.

The other ladies started saying things like they wanted to look like me but don't want to work out.
So I suggested that they didn't have to work out and they could lose weight by eating less than 1300 calories a day.
Instantly I heard, "I don't want to do that." "I hate counting" "that doesn't sound fun", etc.
So I said, okay, well then you can replace every beverage you drink with water.
And then it was all, "I can't live without my mountain dew!" "not my monster drinks!" "but I drink diet!"


I told Dave about it later and he said that people don't really want to know the truth about how to change because they don't want to change. And also that they DO know what to do. They just don't want to do it.

This was an incredibly frustrating situation for me.

Don't complain about it to me if you don't care enough to change. The end.


Sabrina said...

That is so frustrating, I have friends like that too. It's hard to be motivating or supportive when they say they want something but don't want to put in the work!


Runners Fuel said...

I know what you mean. People are so stupid when it comes to getting healthy. They just want it to magically appear! Bugs me too!

Amy said...

I can only imagine and hear that from people. I just wish I had the motivation every day to eat healthy. Then i wouldn't waste workouts. But just like those ladies I can't complain because I've loved eating whatever and being able to stay this same weight.