Saturday, May 5, 2012

5 quickies

1. So as I was waiting in line at Walmart (evil) on a friday night with only 2 registers open, I had to spend some time checking out the "As seen on TV" merchandise.

And I am baffled that people actually buy things like this:

And did you check the price?? $40!!

2. I was SO tempted to buy these little goodies. But I didn't.

Can you say heaven in a wrapper??

3. And check out the ridiculousness on the back of this .74 preztel M&M's package.

Serving size - 1/2 pack?! What up with that? Who eats half the tiny little package and goes, "well, I'm stuffed from that serving, I guess I'll save the rest for later!"

5. I retried the Larabar with a different flavor - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

And guess what.

It was totally yummy! I guess I was just eating nasty flavors before. So this yummy flavor will now be part of my repertoire of on the go snacks.

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