Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 week candy break

Easter is over.


For some reason Easter is a 2 week event here in North Carolina! The kids have had 4 easter egg hunts, 3 parties with COOKIES, candy, more candy, and...did I mention candy? There is another egg hunt this saturday and we are NOT going!

I couldn't resist because I am weak and had a 4 day binge of eating yummy goodness. And then feeling sick. I swear on Saturday all I ate of real food was an apple. and maybe some water. The rest of the day it was cookies, some brownies, and reese's eggs.

The next dessert event that I am aware of is going to be April 22 at my church. That will be my cheat day so I will go the next 12 days with no sweets.

This week is spring break for us so I got to sleep in this morning until 7am!!!! Usually I'm up at 5am to nurse the baby and head out for my run before Dave leaves for work. But today he had to leave to get his new driver's license and do a ton of schoolwork for his Master's degree so no run until later. I'm hoping I can be motivated at the end of the day to get it done because I am NOT a late in the day exerciser. I like to go out there in the quiet and get it over with. Normally if I wait the kids have exhausted me and I don't want to do it anymore. Plus, I run better on an empty stomach.

When I drop below 130 pounds, I'll do a giveaway!

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