Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Podcast's rule.

So I started to cut my music out of my running. SCARY!!!! I started going at least once a week with a running buddy and I leave the tunes at home so we can chat. She is SO good at chatting. Even when I'm struggling to breathe, she keeps it going so I can pant and heave. This lady, Deb, she's pushing 50 and has those runner's legs that I envy. She wears booty shorts during our runs that are shorter than my underwear! (insert green jealousy face here)

And then yesterday I listened to a podcast instead of music. I downloaded a bunch of episodes of The Jillian Michael's Show and listened to one of those while running. I barely even noticed the time passing and my garmin would beep the miles and surprise me because I didn't think I had gone that far yet. And let me tell you, Jillian is GREAT on this podcast. She is real, down to earth, funny, and incredibly intelligent. They are free so go look them up and listen to one. I will be so bummed when I've gone through the archives and have to wait for the new one every week. I am totally excited that I am broadening my horizon's with my running routine.

I've got my first real race on saturday after having my little Ryan and for 2012.

Live Young 5K. Hope I don't die.

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