Wednesday, March 7, 2012

piece of cake

A new acquaintance here in my new little town brought over an entire 10x15 pan of german chocolate cake.

All homemade.
from scratch.

this is my favorite cake. I have it every year on my birthday. I have gone 8 1/2 days with no sweets and don't want to break my streak!

But that dang cake. It's mocking me. It sits there on the counter and I hear it calling my name and laughing at me. I feel like Alice in Wonderland with the cake that says, "eat me" on it. I gave a big slice in my daughter's lunch today, and gave another big slice for my son after his lunch.

What am I going to do? have a cheat day? freeze it and eat it later? throw it away???? (GASP!!)

Every time I look in the mirror or try on some clothes that don't fit, I don't want it. And then I go into the kitchen to make a snack or something, and there it sits. beautiful waves of chocolate scent hit my nose and my resolve weakens.

What do I DO???

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