Saturday, March 24, 2012

Live Young 5K

Today I ran a race!!!! My first official 5K post baby.

I showed up to get my packet and shirt and found out that there was no chip timing. This was a small race! I knew the weather would factor in how I would do because of the enormous amount of fog and the frizz that my hair turned into even though I used my Chi last night. When the weather takes over the Chi, it's not good news. 97% humidity does not bode well.

I lined up right on the line so my finish time would be accurate and tried not to get caught up in the kids sprinting away because I knew I would DIE later on. I'm still trying to get in shape with consistent workouts and have not run over 3.5 miles yet. slowly. My training runs are averaging about 10:20 minute miles right now. I've had 1 or 2 days averaging a 10 minute mile but was dead after.

GOAL A: break 30 minutes but was not optimistic.

Goal B: don't walk at all

Mile 1 - tried to enjoy running along the river and the historical homes downtown while not letting the adrenaline push me too much too early.  I was just praying that when it beeped at the first mile I wouldn't see a 10 at the beginning. Imagine my shock when I saw 8:53!

Mile 2 - I knew mile 1 was a little too fast so I tried to dial it back a tad but still staying strong. Beeped at 9:18. (woohoo!!) I was feeling like I could maybe be under 29 minutes by this point.

Mile 3 - this was rough. at about 2.3 miles my heart rate started going up, the moisture in the air was getting to me since nothing was evaporating and sweat was dripping off me and into my eyes. I missed the water station because no volunteers had water when I ran by and I didn't want to stop and wait so I was really thirsty. 9:37 and I paid for that. SO. PAINFUL.

mile .1 - I knew this was it so I started ::almost:: sprinting to the end. I had cramps in my side and shoulder and could barely breathe but I saw the clock in the 28 minute range and didn't want to watch it click over to 29 and miss it because I didn't push. pace of 7:45 for the last .1! yay!

Garmin time: 3.11 miles, 28:39 (9:13 pace)
12 out of 32, female 30-39 age group
77 out of 206 overall

My thoughts?? I am SO HAPPY with how I did!!!! I feel like I was in much better shape the last time I ran a 5K back in fall of 2010, but I was only 37 seconds slower than my PR!!!! I am having visions of maybe running a 5K in the 26 minute range. Some speedwork, some more endurance, and I think I can really do it!

Next race right now? Olympic triathlon in September. that's 6 months away!!!! Lots of time to train. Bring it.

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