Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Today is day 3 of my 30 day no sugar challenge! I'm down from 136 pounds on monday to 133.6 pounds today. It's obvious to me that my body doesn't WANT to be this size. It's crazy how your body just sheds the extra weight when you don't indulge all the time. Like I have been lately. You know, since the second I found out I was pregnant.

I'm making sure to eat enough to keep me from feeling hungry, which I think is especially important when you are nursing a baby. I'm keeping track of eating a protein with every meal to slow digestion and help me feel full longer.

cottage cheese with fruit
yogurt with granola
cheese with xyz
lots of beans!!!
And I'm drinking at least 3 nalgene bottles of water a day = 3 liters.

We have been invited to someone's house for dinner on Sunday and I'm nervous about what they will serve and what I can eat out of it. The last 3 times we went to someone's house for dinner I have not been able to resist the desserts. The chocolate cake. the (homemade) truffles. ice cream. Or the potatoes. or going back for seconds. Geez, when I write it like that I realize how much of an issue I have. I HAVE to stay strong or I will crash and burn when Dave and I stuff the easter eggs for the kids!


fancy nancy said...

Your body is certainly reacting well to no sugar!! You could always offer to bring something to your friend's house...something that you can eat. I love cottage cheese and almonds...yumm!

Christine Ashby said...

thanks nancy! That is a great idea to bring something that I could munch on. I just hope I can stay strong when faced with social situations. It's so much easier in my own house!!