Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PLEASE let this happen!

I've really struggled with the baby sleep deprivation and being invited to dinners (with ribs and cake and potatoes) and neighbors bringing over cookies and lemon pound cake (YUM) and eating to deal with my stress.

So after a month of the scale not budging at ALL, I am DONE. DONEDONEDONE. I have to lose these 18 pounds!! I have to! NONE of my clothes fit - and I have some seriously cute clothes.

Here is what eating healthy for a week with a family of 6 looks like:

All that cost $75. That is SO much more than I usually pay for groceries. For a WEEK. I'm used to hanging around $30 or so. But here in our new place with much less competition, there just aren't as many sales. And milk kills me here. $4/gallon?? ouch.

But I made it with no desserts yesterday and ate really well. I've started today off well too, and I'm hoping I can hang in there until at least the end of march. I would LOVE to weigh 130 pounds by the end of march.

I started yesterday running every day. That's not something that I normally do, but I really need to work out in the morning to start the day off right. It's too dark to bike that early, and I'm just not in enough shape to do long distances right now. so I'm trying to do 2.25 miles every morning with biking at least once a week and a sculpting video 3 days a week. I feel so weak while I'm running. SO. WEAK. How long will it take me to start feeling strong again?

At least I have a house full of veggies and fruits to eat. I forgot how delicious pears were. nom nom.

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Crystal said...

I know when I eat clean, I feel so much better. I have 15 pounds to lose and I can't blame it on baby weight since my youngest just turned six. You will get there! My bestie from college lives outside of Raleigh in a little town. It is so pretty least your runs and rides will be scenic.