Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hanging in NC

First, I know this is late because I didn't have internet, but I did a nice 2.25 mile treadmill run in honor of Sherry that was hosted by SUAR.

In other Virtual running news, I'm FAMOUS!! Check me out at The Boring Runner.

Okay, my family just moved across the country to North Carolina and we are in a pretty small town.  I need to find some new running routes!

(obviously still have 15 pounds to lose)

Here are some homes on the loop I did.

Running right by the river.

Imagine how gorgeous in the summer when the trees and grass is all green!

See my house? It's kind of in the center of the shot to the right of the power line.

Told you it was small. I think my little town has 600 people in it.
I was stopped a mile into the run to be welcomed by a guy in a truck, he wanted to welcome me to the neighborhood. I could get used to this!

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