Thursday, January 5, 2012

The final countdown

It's true.

At my doctor appointment yesterday, I was 3 cm dilated. My induction date is SET for the 17th. She told me I could pick any day after the 12th, but I really wanted a chance to go into labor on my own. I officially have no longer than 11 days to go!

I have another doctor appointment on monday where she will strip my membranes (ummm, ouchie) and hopefully get things going.

Confession: I sometimes pull out my new running shoes and some workout gear and gaze at it longingly because they don't fit right now, knowing that it's only a few short weeks until I can use them again. I am so impatient!

Fear: I am terrified that when I get back out there for some training that it will hurt as bad as it did when I FIRST started running. Here's my blog post from August 2009 when I was at the beginning stages of trying to run:

When I run, I feel like I want to die.

It hurts SO BAD. It is so strange that I can swim for a long time and while my muscles hurt and I get tired, I can do it. Same with biking.

When I run, my body is fighting me to continue to do what I am asking of it. My stomach goes into knots that make me want to puke. I get cramps in my side and shoulder. I can't breathe at all and feel like I'm suffocating. (although that could be the humidity.) My legs feel okay, actually.

I totally remember the way that felt. I'll probably never forget it. But I REALLY don't want it to hurt that bad again. That was partly the reason I tried to exercise throughout this pregnancy. Hopefully it worked a little bit!

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