Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back in the game

Today I decided that I would get out and walk again! But it was SO cold (40 degrees with blistering wind) that I jogged a little hoping to warm up.  I didn't warm up. probably a total of .25 miles of jogging broken up unto 3 different jogs. Physically, I felt AWESOME!!! Legs were good, abs were good, hips were good. Ears were freezing. hands were freezing. My breathing struggled a little bit, but I expected that.

And now that I've tasted the deliciousness that is exercise. I am craving more. MORE!!! I can't wait until Monday because my hubby is taking the day off work and I'm going out by myself for a 2 mile jaunt (mostly walking).

Also today I decided to try out some ab exercises that are designed to get rid of your Mommy tummy. I've noticed that after having this baby, my legs don't look too bad, but I have these love handles, and back fat, and tummy skin fat thingy that I don't remember having after the other 3.  HERE are the exercises that I did, and then I added some push-ups. Girly push-ups on my knees because my arms are like wet noodles right now.

Reality is hitting me a little bit with the races that I want to do this year. Mainly the Olympic Triathlon that I've picked out.

And the marathon. My first marathon. And I can't even jog a mile right now. yikes.

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Amy said...

Good for you Christine! I am trying to steal some of your mojo and put it in me. I've been slacking working out/eating healthy lately. Thanks for blogging. I enjoy reading and am grateful for the inspiration!