Sunday, January 15, 2012

Abs are made in the kitchen.

I have had my couple of days of candy, snacky foods, etc. and enjoying them IMMENSELY because I don't get heartburn anymore! I have room in my tummy for goodies now!! YAY!

But. I need a goal. My dr. told me that I couldn't run for 6 weeks. :(  That would be February 20th.

What CAN I do?  I can walk. I can do yoga. I can do light strength training. I can bike in 2 more weeks.

Dave is trying to convince me that I need to rest longer but I am sooooooo antsy to get started doing something because I feel so good! I haven't felt this good in 9 months!

It looks like I'll be pushing the envelope with my family and friends who all think I need to take a couple more weeks of rest, and me who wants to go bike riding NOW. But what I can focus on without anyone getting mad at me is what I do in the kitchen. I can't promise that I won't eat sweets so I'm not going to talk about that at this point. What I will focus on is getting my fruits and veggies in FIRST and then moving on to protein sources and bread/rice, etc.

-2 servings of fruit a day.
-veggies at dinner and lunch: goal of half my plate being veggies.
-take my prenatal vitamins every day while I'm nursing.

Let's stick with that for the rest of January and then I can add on some other things. I'm gonna try to weigh myself tomorrow. sssssccccaaaarrryyyyyyy.

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