Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Game on

It's official.

Let the training begin!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

FYTO Virtual 5K

First race report after having a baby!! But before I jump right into all that business...

Check me out! I got non-maternity jeans on! Buttoned, zipped, and 3 sizes above my normal. ::Insert frowny face here:: Oh well, at least I got them on. Did I mention that my sweet little Ryan is not quite 3 weeks old yet?

Anyway...on to the race!!

I pulled out my NEW Brooks Ghost 3's that I bought while on bed rest forever ago,

Got my racing bib on and some "winter" gear. If you can call a beanie and running shorts winter gear.

I took 3 walk breaks because I mean, I had a baby 17 days ago I'm a big fat wuss. And the rest of the time, took a nice easy jogging approach to this 5K.

New PR for after baby #4! (No where to go but faster now)

As it turns out, I should have worn a tank and no beanie. I was sweaty after this. A nice and sunny 53 degrees today in the big D.

See?? PROOF that I have a 2 1/2 week old baby. Isn't he cute?

Big thanks to Adam at The Boring Runner for hosting this - it's just what I needed to start getting my jiggly butt back into shape!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back in the game

Today I decided that I would get out and walk again! But it was SO cold (40 degrees with blistering wind) that I jogged a little hoping to warm up.  I didn't warm up. probably a total of .25 miles of jogging broken up unto 3 different jogs. Physically, I felt AWESOME!!! Legs were good, abs were good, hips were good. Ears were freezing. hands were freezing. My breathing struggled a little bit, but I expected that.

And now that I've tasted the deliciousness that is exercise. I am craving more. MORE!!! I can't wait until Monday because my hubby is taking the day off work and I'm going out by myself for a 2 mile jaunt (mostly walking).

Also today I decided to try out some ab exercises that are designed to get rid of your Mommy tummy. I've noticed that after having this baby, my legs don't look too bad, but I have these love handles, and back fat, and tummy skin fat thingy that I don't remember having after the other 3.  HERE are the exercises that I did, and then I added some push-ups. Girly push-ups on my knees because my arms are like wet noodles right now.

Reality is hitting me a little bit with the races that I want to do this year. Mainly the Olympic Triathlon that I've picked out.

And the marathon. My first marathon. And I can't even jog a mile right now. yikes.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Jean shopping.
Jeans out of the dryer.
Goal jeans.
Fat jeans.

The thought of jeans is a topic that MANY women (and not just the ones who recently had a baby) hate to think about. But it seems that it's the culture we live in. I don't work outside the home, so I have very little in the way of slacks and work-wear. But I do wear jeans!  Almost every day.  At the moment, I'm struggling in that department because I normally wear a size 2-6 in jeans - depending on the brand and style - but I am NOT that size right now. Not with 18 pounds to lose!

I was given 2 pairs of jeans in a size 10 - Gap, long and lean style - that I thought would fit me until I started dropping sizes. I tried them on a couple days after having my little Ryan, hahahaha!!!! yeah, right! I got them up, but barely. And in NO. WAY. were the button and zipper going to close. After my husband verbally stated last night that I looked like I had dropped 10 pounds already, I decided that I would try them on again today (10 days post-partum) and not only did I get them up, but they buttoned and zipped as well! I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing them in public yet, but it's progress.

And then I celebrated by eating 5 cookies. dang.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

weight check

I went on my first post - baby walk last night with the family. Nice and slow, but I think it still triggered more bleeding. I see how Doctors want you to take it easy - so you don't bleed more.

And I weighed myself this morning - 140.2 pounds. That means I have about 18 pounds to lose, which is not too bad with a 1 week old baby!

The eating has been going well. Small portions of that apple pie my mom made and left here, and lots of fruits and veggies. and TONS of water. I have this dry mouth thing going on where I feel SOOOOO thirsty and nothing quenches it! Also, for the past 2 nights, I've woken up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. My hair is soaking and the sheets feel like I wet the bed! I'm hoping that is just my body getting rid of the excess water or something and it goes away pretty soon.

I am pretty happy with the way my tummy looks right now. It's still squishy and larger than normal, but I think it looks amazing only 7 days after having a baby! My FOURTH baby.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Abs are made in the kitchen.

I have had my couple of days of candy, snacky foods, etc. and enjoying them IMMENSELY because I don't get heartburn anymore! I have room in my tummy for goodies now!! YAY!

But. I need a goal. My dr. told me that I couldn't run for 6 weeks. :(  That would be February 20th.

What CAN I do?  I can walk. I can do yoga. I can do light strength training. I can bike in 2 more weeks.

Dave is trying to convince me that I need to rest longer but I am sooooooo antsy to get started doing something because I feel so good! I haven't felt this good in 9 months!

It looks like I'll be pushing the envelope with my family and friends who all think I need to take a couple more weeks of rest, and me who wants to go bike riding NOW. But what I can focus on without anyone getting mad at me is what I do in the kitchen. I can't promise that I won't eat sweets so I'm not going to talk about that at this point. What I will focus on is getting my fruits and veggies in FIRST and then moving on to protein sources and bread/rice, etc.

-2 servings of fruit a day.
-veggies at dinner and lunch: goal of half my plate being veggies.
-take my prenatal vitamins every day while I'm nursing.

Let's stick with that for the rest of January and then I can add on some other things. I'm gonna try to weigh myself tomorrow. sssssccccaaaarrryyyyyyy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's not just about the sweat.

There are other loves in my life than just exercise.


How could you be when you check out my family. And the real kicker? They really seem to love me back.

And the one I wasn't expecting to love so quickly.

I am giving myself some rewards for surviving this difficult pregnancy. 

And you know I won't be sharing that puppy with ANYONE. stupid 4 servings in one bar. who are they kidding?

There's a fridge at my hospital with unlimited chocolate milk. UNLIMITED.
This might be heaven.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Checked in at 156 pounds. Chilling after the best epidural of my life.

My newest little boy, all bruised and beat up from a rough time getting out. Hello Ryan!

Holy crap I've got 4 kids!

Please excuse me while I take a couple days off to heal, and then we will begin walking. slowly.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The final countdown

It's true.

At my doctor appointment yesterday, I was 3 cm dilated. My induction date is SET for the 17th. She told me I could pick any day after the 12th, but I really wanted a chance to go into labor on my own. I officially have no longer than 11 days to go!

I have another doctor appointment on monday where she will strip my membranes (ummm, ouchie) and hopefully get things going.

Confession: I sometimes pull out my new running shoes and some workout gear and gaze at it longingly because they don't fit right now, knowing that it's only a few short weeks until I can use them again. I am so impatient!

Fear: I am terrified that when I get back out there for some training that it will hurt as bad as it did when I FIRST started running. Here's my blog post from August 2009 when I was at the beginning stages of trying to run:

When I run, I feel like I want to die.

It hurts SO BAD. It is so strange that I can swim for a long time and while my muscles hurt and I get tired, I can do it. Same with biking.

When I run, my body is fighting me to continue to do what I am asking of it. My stomach goes into knots that make me want to puke. I get cramps in my side and shoulder. I can't breathe at all and feel like I'm suffocating. (although that could be the humidity.) My legs feel okay, actually.

I totally remember the way that felt. I'll probably never forget it. But I REALLY don't want it to hurt that bad again. That was partly the reason I tried to exercise throughout this pregnancy. Hopefully it worked a little bit!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Low Cal

I honestly have no idea how people can do a diet like the special K diet (or things like that).

Maybe it's because I am sightly hypoglycemic, but when I don't get enough food, I feel awful! I'm dizzy, nauseous, weak, etc. Am I the only person that feels this way?

I had 1.5 bowls of cereal this morning with milk and 2 hours later, felt like I was going to throw up because I was SO hungry again. And this is without serious exercise! And with my stomach all scrunched up teeny tiny because of the baby.

I'd like to know HOW some people can eat so few calories and still function. Please explain this to me.

Dr. appointment in 3 hours - here's hoping I'm dilated to 4 cm.