Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fun presents!

Ever since I changed my lifestyle to include being a "runner" (still not sure if I can qualify for that right now since I'm not running), getting workout stuff is the BEST at Christmas and birthday's.

Here are my new tops:

All on clearance! We just got an Under Armor outlet store and that green top was $7!

A camelbak! I was considering one of these for marathon training and my husband TOTALLY surprised me with this one. I even love the color.

After 3 kids using that ugly, lame, cheap diaper bag that comes home with you from the hospital, I really wanted a REAL diaper bag. So Dave bought me this suede grey and blue one. LOVE. Look how huge it is! I can fit so much crap into that enormous bag!

New sunglasses! My awesome ones have had the lenses lost for months and so I've been using a pair of dollar store glasses that are half broken. These are GREAT. They are so light and comfy and I can't wait to start using them on runs and biking.

What did YOU get for Christmas this year?

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