Tuesday, December 13, 2011


No, I'm not trying to cover up my chest in this picture.

I'm telling you how many weeks I have left to go!

FIVE, baby!

And that's if I go on time. I'm really hoping that since the baby is measuring big (as if you can't tell by the size of my tummy), I'll be a little early. Like sometime in december.

Just to remind you of what I NORMALLY look like...

So you can see why I feel enormous.

My buddy in the picture above is training for a marathon PR right now using the Run Less Run Faster book training plan. She desperately wants to break 4 hours and just KILLED a 20 mile run at a 9 minute mile pace. Her best ever. Color me green. It's getting SO hard to read everyone's blogs about races and running and training and everything since I can't even WALK anymore. I'm trying to be patient but with only about a month left I'm getting very antsy to be back to my normal self again.

To ease my pain, since my mom gave me some $$ for my birthday, I bought myself a present to look forward to:

How awesome are THOSE babies?! and the best part?? From runningwarehouse.com (seriously my favorite store), they were only $14 and free shipping! (only size med and large left)

Dr. appointment tomorrow and hanging in there!

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fancy nancy said...

Hang in there....you're so close! You'll be back to your racing ways before you know it!