Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 is my year

Goals for next year. I'm not one of those crazy people who say things like, I want to race a 5K and break 22 minutes when my PR is 28:02. That's just insane.

However, that's one of my end goals. Like, ONE DAY I could do that. But I like to set my goals into baby steps and feel successful and go up the ladder one rung at a time. I'm still disappointed that at my half marathon I didn't get 2:10. Okay, I got 2:11 at my FIRST one and it was a pretty hilly course and whatever, blah, blah, blah. But I set a goal for myself and didn't get it. That makes me sad. Could I have given any more than I did at the time? No. I laid it all on the course and I'm proud of that but I didn't get my goal.

So here are my realistic goals for 2012...

  • Run a 5K under 27:30 (8:50 pace)
  • Have a baby. (hahaha)
  • Get down to my "happy weight"at 122 pounds.
  • Biking speed averaging 18 mph.
  • Do an olympic distance triathlon. no time goal although I would LIKE to break 3 hours.
  • Complete my marathon in under 4:30.
  • Find another 10K and break 58 minutes.
  • Run 800 miles for the year. I probably won't be able to start anything until February 1st and I'll be starting slow, so I want this one to be really doable. If I take out January, that's 72 miles a month which is still more than I've ever done before.
Alright 2012 - bring it.

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