Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas list

Even though this christmas I won't be able to use any workout gear right away (if I receive it), it's still my #1 thing I would like for Christmas. Workout gear! Because only one month after christmas I will be out there getting back into shape! Here's my list (in case any loved ones are reading) of things I would REALLY like to get this December 25th.

Brooks Glycerin 9 (women's size 9) has this GREAT athletic skirt. Size 2, please.

I am really in need of some new athletic sunglasses. I love these in pink (since my hubs won't steal pink ones to wear!)

Race Entry Fee!!! What a great gift.

Swim suit! I am in need of a new competitive swim suit or 2 with olympic tri's and a 70.3 in my sights. Who wouldn't want a grab bag from (speedo or tyr, size 32)

I also kind of love this running top from pearl izumi. (size small)

Seriously, check out the back:

That about covers it for now, since I already have a stock of Gu's ready and waiting for some new training! (I'm sure I'll think of more stuff later. I can always think of new stuff to buy!!)

What do YOU want for Christmas?

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