Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I will rant in this post about things that bother me. Just a warning.

1. This morning on my "jog", in the the my neighborhood...2 BIG black dogs started chasing after me, barking, baring teeth, and I swear they may have been foaming at the mouth. If I hadn't turned around and started yelling aggressively at them, I guarantee they would have bitten me.

One of the dogs ran right back to his house and sat on the porch, but the other one?? He chased me for about 6 houses daring me to turn my back on him. What the %#*$&%^?? Owner - PUT YOUR DOG AWAY!!!! We have backyards for a REASON. Or put leashes on those wolf's! (wolves?) An electric leash - SOMETHING. so they don't attack pregnant ladies trying to get some sweat on. Don't complain to me when your dogs get pepper-sprayed in the face next time.

2. When I take my 7 year old to school in the drop off line (which is rare, but it was raining today), I get SO. MAD. First of all, the directing traffic person is confusing. 

Second, I have to turn left when I exit the school to get home. They have it coned off so I can only turn right. Why does that matter so much? Because at 7:30am, turning right takes me to the one main road we have in our town and I would have to turn left at THAT road to go home. There is no light. It's only a stop sign. I've seen people wait at that sign for 20+ minutes that time of day. So I have to turn right again. go all the way down the road. take a left into a neighborhood. make a u-turn. THEN turn right onto the main road and then try to take a left into my neighborhood on a busy road where I will still wait. It adds an extra 12-ish minutes to what should be a 5 minute trip.

In ADDITION to that mess, there are little kids outside that open the car doors for the kids being dropped off. And they SLAM my door. every. time. I swear my door will fall off before it's time because of all the slamming. It drives me insane!!!  I hope they get their hand caught in the door one of these times. Teach them a lesson.

3. One of the worst things about running in the mornings when it's dark is that I live in a rural area and skunks are nocturnal. Oh yes. There are very rarely streetlights where I run and unless there is a full moon and no clouds, then I can't see them. How bad would it suck to get sprayed by a skunk while exercising? Like I don't stink bad enough!

 I only saw the one this morning because of a flash of lightening. Good thing the flash came when it did, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to jet it to the other side of the road in time. I remain unscathed. Why do skunks even exist??

Okay. I feel better.

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