Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Caffeinated slime

Know what I learned this morning?? I learned to not look at the stars in the sky while walking on the side of the road while pregnant. Because I'll lose my balance and almost fall into the grass. Yeah, I'm real smart.

I've been having some GREAT workouts this last week. I've cut back on my eating significantly and that has seemed to get rid of the belly pains when I jog.  I have noticed in the last couple walk/jogs that my shins and calves are REALLY tight. they burn really quickly and let's be honest - it's not like I'm running 6 minute miles or anything. I'm thinking it's because of the extra 15 pounds I'm carrying around. Which, by the way, seems really high when the baby only weighs 2.5 pounds right now. lame.

One other exciting event,

I get the email updates from Gu's website and got an email last week about a 24 flavor mix pack for $19.99 with a discount code! (retail value of $38) 19 flavors of regular Gu and 5 different Roctane flavors!

If you haven't tried the Roctane before - DANG. It's much more expensive and I don't know exactly what they put in there, but it makes me feel amazing.

My 2 year old was saying "cheese" over and over again so I thought I'd grace you with his presence.

Problem? They sent me these 2 nasty flavors! Why ruin a great flavor with banana??? blech. And I don't jive on the coffee flavored anything. I know SUAR and SR would be having heart attacks at that, but yuck!

I might do a giveaway at some point with those amazing flavors of Gu.

But I was PUMPED to be able to get this flavor!! MINT CHOCOLATE!

(I know my photography skillz are amazing and you want lessons from me.)

I got the code GUMIXED2011. I don't know if it's a one time use or not, but it expires on October 31, so try it out and let me know! I'm fully stocked for marathon training after the baby is born!

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