Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Caffeinated slime

Know what I learned this morning?? I learned to not look at the stars in the sky while walking on the side of the road while pregnant. Because I'll lose my balance and almost fall into the grass. Yeah, I'm real smart.

I've been having some GREAT workouts this last week. I've cut back on my eating significantly and that has seemed to get rid of the belly pains when I jog.  I have noticed in the last couple walk/jogs that my shins and calves are REALLY tight. they burn really quickly and let's be honest - it's not like I'm running 6 minute miles or anything. I'm thinking it's because of the extra 15 pounds I'm carrying around. Which, by the way, seems really high when the baby only weighs 2.5 pounds right now. lame.

One other exciting event,

I get the email updates from Gu's website and got an email last week about a 24 flavor mix pack for $19.99 with a discount code! (retail value of $38) 19 flavors of regular Gu and 5 different Roctane flavors!

If you haven't tried the Roctane before - DANG. It's much more expensive and I don't know exactly what they put in there, but it makes me feel amazing.

My 2 year old was saying "cheese" over and over again so I thought I'd grace you with his presence.

Problem? They sent me these 2 nasty flavors! Why ruin a great flavor with banana??? blech. And I don't jive on the coffee flavored anything. I know SUAR and SR would be having heart attacks at that, but yuck!

I might do a giveaway at some point with those amazing flavors of Gu.

But I was PUMPED to be able to get this flavor!! MINT CHOCOLATE!

(I know my photography skillz are amazing and you want lessons from me.)

I got the code GUMIXED2011. I don't know if it's a one time use or not, but it expires on October 31, so try it out and let me know! I'm fully stocked for marathon training after the baby is born!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm no speedy

During my walk/jogs for the last 2 months or so, I've worked up to about 20-25 minutes of jogging of the 40-45 minutes of workout. I wear my garmin most of the time since I like knowing how far I've gone and how long I've been away from the house since I always have to be back at a certain time so my husband can go workout as well. Even though there is a lot of walking, my best pace continues to hit 8:30-9:20 minute miles sometimes.

Until this last week.

I've watched my time climb to a best pace of 10:15 (downhill) with an average of 11:35 during the JOG part today. Add in the walking and I'm sitting at a 14:40 pace overall. With a total of about 8 minutes of jogging. Which hurt. A lot. I've been getting these stabbing pains on the underside of my belly (when i jog) and my back has been hurting - but only when I jog.

Should I get one of these?

Or should I just stick to walking and biking for the last 12 weeks?

It's hard when your body doesn't let you do what you want to do.  BUT, I am pretty proud of myself for continuing to get out there and move throughout this pregnancy. I didn't do that with any of the other 3 kids. Now to lay off the goodies...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I will rant in this post about things that bother me. Just a warning.

1. This morning on my "jog", in the the my neighborhood...2 BIG black dogs started chasing after me, barking, baring teeth, and I swear they may have been foaming at the mouth. If I hadn't turned around and started yelling aggressively at them, I guarantee they would have bitten me.

One of the dogs ran right back to his house and sat on the porch, but the other one?? He chased me for about 6 houses daring me to turn my back on him. What the %#*$&%^?? Owner - PUT YOUR DOG AWAY!!!! We have backyards for a REASON. Or put leashes on those wolf's! (wolves?) An electric leash - SOMETHING. so they don't attack pregnant ladies trying to get some sweat on. Don't complain to me when your dogs get pepper-sprayed in the face next time.

2. When I take my 7 year old to school in the drop off line (which is rare, but it was raining today), I get SO. MAD. First of all, the directing traffic person is confusing. 

Second, I have to turn left when I exit the school to get home. They have it coned off so I can only turn right. Why does that matter so much? Because at 7:30am, turning right takes me to the one main road we have in our town and I would have to turn left at THAT road to go home. There is no light. It's only a stop sign. I've seen people wait at that sign for 20+ minutes that time of day. So I have to turn right again. go all the way down the road. take a left into a neighborhood. make a u-turn. THEN turn right onto the main road and then try to take a left into my neighborhood on a busy road where I will still wait. It adds an extra 12-ish minutes to what should be a 5 minute trip.

In ADDITION to that mess, there are little kids outside that open the car doors for the kids being dropped off. And they SLAM my door. every. time. I swear my door will fall off before it's time because of all the slamming. It drives me insane!!!  I hope they get their hand caught in the door one of these times. Teach them a lesson.

3. One of the worst things about running in the mornings when it's dark is that I live in a rural area and skunks are nocturnal. Oh yes. There are very rarely streetlights where I run and unless there is a full moon and no clouds, then I can't see them. How bad would it suck to get sprayed by a skunk while exercising? Like I don't stink bad enough!

 I only saw the one this morning because of a flash of lightening. Good thing the flash came when it did, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to jet it to the other side of the road in time. I remain unscathed. Why do skunks even exist??

Okay. I feel better.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Day in the life...

Since I was "tagged" by Beth over at SUAR, I am giving you a rundown of my day today. I stay at home with my kids and try to keep things interesting for them. I'm not sure if they think I'm successful or not.

We wake up and get Hailey off to 1st grade by 7:30am, then take Andrew to the Dr. for lots of shots in preparation for kindergarten next year. Then we hit up the local library for story time and check out some movies and books. Head home for LUNCH picnic style while watching a movie.

I know it's probably not very kid friendly, but it's a movie that they like and doesn't make me want to slit my wrists!

1pm = naptime for everyone!!! (I swear I was just going to rest my eyes for a few minutes. 1 1/2 hours later...)

Then spent a few minutes with Dr. Laura lifting my spirits about staying at home. (It's a hard job most of the time with little to no tangible reward)

3pm:I get a text from my friend to bring the kids over to play outside after school. Teresa's 3 kids (on the left), my 3 kids, and Jessica's 4 kids (on the right) playing outside for 2 hours while we catch up on girl chat.

Run home to make dinner.

The kids inhaled their food to get a slice of strawberry pie (thanks to my buddy Jessica).

Bath time, bed time for kiddies, and workout time for me.

It was still a grueling 83 degrees when I headed out the door at 7:30pm for a slow and laborious 3.3 miles of wogging. (that's me at 26 weeks with baby #4!)

Now it's 9:22pm and my love and I have a ghetto set up with the computer hooked up to the TV and computer speakers watching the season premiere of Fringe. (we no longer have DISH, only netflix and whatever is free on Hulu)

Also, I must take a shower before bed because I STINK. I much prefer working out in 55 degrees.

Monday, October 3, 2011


I avoid them whenever possible. I don't own one. I don't have a gym membership where they would tempt me. I am a stay at home mom where I rarely have the opportunity the see the number. I usually go by how my clothes fit and and I'm good.

I had a doctor appointment today and they weighed me.


I came in at 139.8 pounds. YIKES.

My goal was to not go over 150 at delivery. That's still 15 weeks away!

I have GOT to lay off the candy and sweets and control the portions. Goal of only a 2 pound weight gain for my next appointment in 4 weeks. It's so hard to say no when Halloween is around the corner and I can use pregnancy as an excuse. I hate responsibility.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I went for a bike ride today for the first time in like, 3 weeks or something. I was nervous. I can no longer get down in the drops when I ride because my tummy gets in the way!

I really enjoyed myself out there and tried to remind my brain that speed doesn't matter right now! speed doesn't matter! It's hard to get over that. What matters is that I was out there moving, getting my heart rate up, and keeping my body healthy while I grow a little person. Some miles I could barely hang on to 10 mph (what?!) and some miles I was not even trying at 20 mph. Pregnancy is SO weird. My energy levels are all over the map and now I'm ready for a nap.

15 weeks left...