Saturday, September 10, 2011


This is me at 22 weeks baby!! Smack dab in the middle of my 6th month of preggo-ness.

I know, I know:
"you don't even look pregnant!"
"where are you hiding it?"
"are you SURE there is a baby in there?"

I've heard it ALL. And trust me. There is a baby in there. He kicks all the time, those shorts I'm wearing are completely unbuttoned and unzipped and held up by a bella band.

This morning I went on my weekly bike ride. I am walking/jogging (but mostly walking) 2.5 - 3 miles about 4 days a week and I'm trying to squeeze in a bike ride on saturdays. The ride I did 3 weeks ago was horrendous!!! I barely made it 8 miles and that's only because I forgot to bring my phone with me. If I had had it with me, I would have called Dave to pick me up. THAT'S how bad it was. (believe you me, I've never forgotten my phone since!)
And then I squeaked out 10 miles 2 weeks ago, and last week I got 12 miles (but the last 3.5 were with family at 7 mph).
THIS week, I was determined to go 14. I felt GREAT for the first 8 or 9 miles, cruising at my usual 17-18 mph and then my energy tanked. Big time. I just didn't feel good anymore and started barely moving at 11 mph. I cut across my "cheat" bridge and cut my ride short by 1.5 miles. I made it 12.4 and my legs felt like jello for an hour after that.

Please tell me this is because I'm pregnant. Please tell me that I'm not really that wussy. Please tell me that it will take a month TOPS to feel like myself again after this baby is born.

The good news? This is the ONLY pregnancy (#4 baby - if you haven't been keeping track) that I've actually attempted to exercise all the way through. And even though I was on bed rest and restricted from exercise for a while, I'm not doing too bad. Because of that, I'm hoping I'll feel strong during delivery and bounce back quickly. Hopefully. With some luck as well.

18 weeks to go. 

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fancy nancy said...

You look so cute!!! However it is safe to say at 6 months I looked like I was in my 9th month!! It is because you are are doing awesome!! You'll get it all back!