Thursday, September 8, 2011

3 Things Thursday

1. I'm chubby. For some reason when I'm pregnant my thighs and hips and butt think, "HEY! We've got some extra weight to support so STORE THE FAT!!! DO IT NOW!!!!" Even though my tummy hasn't grown really in the last month so maternity shirts look stupid on me and my regular shirts are too short and tight and the maternity pants are falling off but I can't pull my regular pants up past my hips. Yeah, fun times. I'm 22 weeks now and feeling the little monster kick all the time. I just wish he'd stop kicking my bladder!

2. I'm getting antsy to run. It's been 4 months since I've really taken a run and I miss it. Especially since the weather has turned into PERFECT running weather. 55 degrees in the morning and very low humidity. Jealous of everyone. I'm gonna ask my Dr. at my October 3 appointment if I can do a 1 mile jog or something.

3. Since the weather has turned more towards fall, I'm contemplating all the crockpot meals I can make. Actually, I think about food all the time. Now that I'm not nauseous anymore I'm really dreaming about food. The only problem is that AFTER I eat, the food doesn't sit well. Really looking forward to those hospital meals - I'll feel good AFTER eating - I can't wait!

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