Monday, August 8, 2011

Moving right along...

ba bum bum ba bum bum...

Does anyone else think of The Muppet Movie when they hear that? anyone?

Okay, so here is me at 17 weeks!

What!? Can't see it that well??

How's this?

I know, I know - I picked that outfit for church since it hid my tummy pretty well, BUT I just get a little thick looking and don't get a cute baby tummy until MUCH later.

Good news - I had a $50 Groupon to Run On that expires at the end of this month, so I got myself some goodies!!

Brooks nightlife running shorts (since I do most of my running in the dark), a 26.2 sweaty band (since I will be marathon training after the baby is born), a white running visor (since most of my training will be texas summer heat), and some Honey Stinger waffles because Beth at SUAR raved about them so much.

I'm SO excited to be able to run again. You have no idea. Oh well, I'll just enjoy my "walk" this evening while the rest of you are running 10 miles.

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