Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favorites!!

Here are some things that I currently LOVE!

Brooks Ghost running shoe!! This is my shoe that I love and I am nervous to spend the $$ to try another brand or style.


Nutella. This stuff is made of angel eyelashes and baby giggles. Sweet heavenly nectar. It rivals taking a nap in terms of making you feel better, and all I need to eat it is my finger a spoon. (I've never looked at the nutrition info and don't plan on it.)

(google images)

Baby Einstein DVD's. My crazy 2 year old who never sits still - even long enough to eat - will sit still for 20 minutes and watch these little videos! Heaven!

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C9 workout top by Champion - As my waist gets thicker and my workout clothes are not really fitting right now, I am LOVING this babydoll tank by Champion at Target! LOTS of room for my tummy without looking like the ENORMOUS Nike maternity workout top I have.

(image from target)

Gray boots - My anniversary present from my lovely Dave! I emailed him the link saying that I would love these boots (from Target), and he came home with them yesterday!!! Pictures coming soon!

(image from target)

What are some of YOUR favorite things??

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