Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So, you might remember that I registered for my FIRST marathon right before I found out I was pregnant. Yeah, didn't plan that one!

Well I emailed the race director pronto and let him know how excited I was but didn't think I could do a marathon at 35 weeks pregnant and he graciously moved me AND my dad's registration to next year's race!!! Marathon 2012 - here I come! (and I'm so relieved that I didn't just lose the $90 registration fee!)

Well, there is another race I was registered for. I signed up back in December since I had so much fun doing it last year.

I figured I would just do it for fun since I'll be around 20 weeks along at this race. Until I was put on bed rest. And forbidden from exercise. So a couple days ago I email that race director and she is moving my registration to the 2012 race as well!! woohoo for not wasting another $45!!

I am SO. PUMPED. that these race directors took pity on me and are giving me 2 great races to get back into shape for after the little munchkin arrives. I'm also looking at an Olympic distance triathlon that is in late September 2012.

I'm giving cyber hugs to the wonderful directors that are giving me a second chance, and hey, I learned something as well - it never hurts to ask.

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