Friday, July 8, 2011

In her shoes.

First of all, here is a pregnant picture of me at 9 weeks:

I'm almost 13 weeks now and a little thicker in the waist, but I'll take a new picture later. The doctor gave me modified bed rest so ZERO exercise of any kind and I still have to take it easy and I can't pick up my kids or anything, but I'm allowed to walk around more and cook dinner and stuff. It's a start!

Now, on to the best part of my day today!

You know it's going to be a good day when that familiar blue box comes in the mail!

My shoe, the Brooks Ghost 3 has been upgraded to the Ghost 4 now which means MY shoe is on clearance everywhere!! (where I bought mine) has them for $59 HERE, and then you can use the coupon code RWJULY11 for 10% off that! Don't forget, has free 2 day shipping on any purchase! has them for $79 HERE. I can't find a coupon code for that website but shipping is free there as well and they have all 3 colors left in assorted sizes.

You know you have to smell the delicious new shoe smell.

And then try them on.

I went crazy and got the orange ones this time around.

My husband looked at me like I was cray-cray because I bought running shoes whilst on bed rest. But hey, I'm not going to be on bed rest FOREVER! If nothing else, they will sit in my closet until January when I have this little baby and then I will wear those puppies DOWN. I'm so tempted to buy another pair at that price.



I just ordered those same shoes from Running Warehouse. I haven't run in Brooks before. Hope I like them!

Ashby Family said...

I don't know what shoes you normally wear, but I LOVE mine! They fit my feet so well and hey - they look cool. That ALWAYS matters!!

Hope you like them!