Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dr. appointment today!

at 2pm today I will be doing strange things at the OB/GYN office that might include urine samples, stirrups, undressing from the waist down, etc.

and HOPEFULLY I will be released from bed rest and be allowed to resume almost all normal activities. I know I won't be allowed to run, but maybe I can walk? Ride my bike? swim?

And you know what I realized? The blog will be dedicated ONCE AGAIN to gaining a hot bod after baby #4!!! Can you really be in shape after having 4 kids? Is it possible??

Follow me on my journey and we will find out together!


Mon Amour said...

Good luck at your appointment!

ATTrio said...

Yes you can have a hot bod after 4 kids and I'm sure you'll have no problem getting there. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and may it all go smoothly!


p.s. do you know any good swim workouts? How to get faster on a bike?