Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do Life 5K

Last night my girl Teresa, her mom and I hit up the Do Life 5K in Dallas!

We got to meet the famous (and cute) blogger Ben. Do you guys remember that video that was all over Facebook a while back?? Here it is again:

Yes, he is goofy and as funny as he is on his blog.

Since I couldn't DO the 5K - lame - I hung out with Pa whose blog you can check out HERE. I can certainly see where Ben gets his height and devilishly good looks from.

Afterwards when Ben heard there was a Panera close by he swooned and we all headed there for dinner.

He signed Teresa and my shirts. woohoo!

I gotta say, it takes a lot of skill to remember as many names as this guy remembers and to listen to everyone's story genuinely interested. There are few people out there like that. Good job, Ben. And might I add, he really is freakishly tall. And I'm not short!

Can't wait for next year to run the "official" Do Life 5K and take home a trophy!!

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