Sunday, July 10, 2011

13 weeks and swimming

Here is my current preggo picture in which I am 13 weeks (otherwise known as I look fat and not pregnant and people will just wonder if I have a gut because of all the ice cream and chocolate.),

The nausea is slightly fading and I am thoroughly enjoying all things starchy, potatoey, creamy, and chocolate. I am NOT allowed to exercise so I'm a little nervous about my next "weigh-in" at the doctor in a week and a half.

For those that know me well (all 15 of you), you know that my favorite exercise is swimming. Since I no longer have a coach and live 25 minutes away from the closest indoor pool and master's team (and have no money to pay for gas now that we are paying for a baby), I have to come up with workouts on my own. While that works most of the time, I have a great website that I enjoy when I'm not feeling particularly inspired. HERE IT IS. There are 50 different workouts with all different drills, distances, and strokes. 


Some of my go-to swim workouts include:

the infamous 5-4-3-2-1 workout. It takes me about 30-ish minutes and was given to me regularly by my high school swim coach as a warm up.
500 free
400 back
300 breast
200 IM (50 fly, 50 back, 50 breast, 50 free)
100 fly (or you can do fly drills)

And this is a classic for me:

200 free warm up, 100 kick
8x50's on the :50 (or whatever gives you 10-ish seconds rest)
100 kick
8x100's on the 1:30 (or whatever gives you 10-ish seconds rest)
buns of steel.
-25 kick sprint (rest 20 seconds)
-50 kick sprint (rest 30 seconds)
-75 kick sprint (rest 40 seconds)
-100 kick sprint (rest 50 seconds)
and then back down
-75 kick
-50 kick
-25 kick
and your legs and buns will be SCREAMING.
4X50 cool down free
=2200 yards of awesomeness.

Hope that helps you be inspired to hit the pool and do a workout for me! I'll be at the Do Life 5K tomorrow night (don't worry, I'm just taking pictures and eating after, no walking the 5K - dr.'s orders!) so I'm gonna have LOTS of pics later.

See you on the flip side.

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