Sunday, May 22, 2011

Humidity is the death of me

It's has been so humid here in the big D lately that my front door is sticking and won't open, and my kids slide in the backyard has condensation pooling and dripping down when it's not raining.

SO. When i am done with a run over 1 mile this is what I look like...

Yes, that is a bag of frozen meat on my forehead trying to cool me off. My shirt was COMPLETELY soaked with sweat.

And I am so dazed with how horrible the weather feels.

See how wet my hair is from the sweat?? That's called I stink worse than a man hair.

Here's what I found on humidity, heat, and running:


Here are the statistics of what these two elements can do to impact your running: 
  • Temperatures between 60-75°F will increase heart rate (HR) by 2-4 beats per minute
  • Temperatures between 75-90°F will increase heart rate (HR) up to 10 beats per minute 
  • Humidity levels between 50-90% will increase heart rate (HR) up to 10 beats per minute
When the two elements are experienced together the effect is magnified.  

Forecast for tomorrow morning at 5am: 75 degrees and 88% humidity. That would equal me running VERY slowly. Even for me.


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I'm with you--running in heat and humidity is no fun! I used to live in Hong Kong, and running there is miserable. So I moved to Georgia, not the's getting crazy hot and humid here now!

ATTrio said...

I know what you mean, the worst has not started yet here in NYC but it is getting there which brings back the memory of how much water I loose because I am so hot while I am running. By the time I am finished I have salt all over my face. YUCK!

Lauren said...

At least your legs look good in that picture of you on the floor!