Saturday, May 7, 2011

Head for the Hills 40 mile

Today my mom and I did a 40 mile bike ride in Cedar Hill, TX. (technically, 43)

I'm all ready to go!!

My mom trying to figure out the map. (I personally like to ride by the seat of my pants. ha.)

The fasties starting!

annnnddddd, there they go!

One of the rest stops (which were awesome, by the way)

All done!

and sunburned. oops.

And, the ride in numbers:

43 - miles we rode
3 - number of rest stops
5 - number of bugs that pegged me as I rode
29 - highest speed of the day (mph)
4 - fuzzy caterpillars I saw on the road
.5 - chick-fil-a sandwich I had at mile 30
4 - number of chocolate chip cookies I ate at the rest stops
2 - port-o-potty stops
2 - hours I spent riding
43 - minutes I spent riding in addition to the hours above.
1 - quick adjustment I had at mile 30 with the chiropractic students (my hip has NEVER felt better!)
90 - minutes I slept at home afterwards
38 - cheetos I ate after the race.
95 - ounces of water I drank
15.8 - average mph (not too bad since I sure didn't ride that fast for the first 25 miles!)
20 - mph winds the first 25 miles!
1 - mother and daughter memory

Happy Mother's Day!

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Allison said...

LOVE IT!! We have matching sports bra tan lines :)