Saturday, May 14, 2011

DONE with the Calorie counting

Quick synopsis of the 4 day challenge.

I was to eat as I normally eat but just to track EVERY single thing that I ate.

Day 1 - 2800 calories
Day 2 - 2000 calories
Day 3 - 1876 calories
Day 4 - 2271 calories

I noticed that a TON of calories came from sweets. Candy, cupcakes, cookies, etc. I mean, who am I?? The Hungry Runner Girl?? I probably ate an average of 700 calories a day on JUNK. I have GOT to get rid of this stuff. I am seriously considering the 10 day no sugar challenge that some blogger is hosting. Annnndddddd I can't remember who right now. But it goes June 1 - June 10. I think I will do that!

And today while I ran my 6 miles, I had my first experience EVER with hurling during a workout. The temperature was perfect and my legs felt great, but I think it was too soon after I taste tested 8 cookies (true) and I did not keep them down at mile 3. I was ALSO tempted to pull a SUAR and squat behind some bushes, but I wasn't gutsy enough with all the cars whizzing by on the service road.

Tomorrow will be a re-do. I will eat good tomorrow. I hope.

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